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Kennith Bogan
Helium 10 Pricing & Membership Plan Options - How They Work

One million or more e-commerce business owners, agencies, and well-known international brands rely on Helium 10’s All-in-One software to fuel their company’s expansion on Amazon. We take a big-picture approach to provide you with the resources you need to improve every aspect of your sales pipeline, from developing a product to marketing it and growing your company. You should know about helium10 pricing to earn profits. 

Online sales have risen significantly during the past year. The majority of people purchase a sizable portion of their items online. We all shop online, whether it’s through apps to have food delivered, services to have groceries brought to their door, or international collector’s items. On the other hand, online stores are experiencing their best period ever. 

People who were early adopters of e-commerce are now enjoying the incredible benefits of doing so. Amazon is the largest of these internet retailers. However, Jeff Bezos is not the only person selling these goods on Amazon. Amazon serves as a marketplace for other sellers. The competition is incredibly fierce within that.

A free plan and three paid options are provided by Helium 10:

  • Free: With some restrictions, you can access the majority of Helium 10’s features. For instance, you are permitted to use Magnet twice daily and track up to 20 keywords.
  • A La Carte: Prices start at just $17 per month and go up as you add the tools you deem to be more useful for you.
  • Platinum: Made for users with basic selling requirements. The majority of FBA sellers begin with this strategy. Each month, sellers receive 5,000 emails, alerts on 300 ASINs, and limitless access to Blackbox, Magnet, and Trendster. It costs $97 per month.
  • Diamond: If you want to grow your company slowly, this is the strategy for you. For just $197/month, Diamond gives sellers unlimited access to all other features as well as the ability to track up to 5,000 keywords, check up to 300 indexes, alert up to 600 ASINS, and automate 15,000 emails each month.

Helium: Pros and Cons 10

Helium 10 has benefits and drawbacks, just like any other product on the market. Before you use it, be aware of the following:

Pros of using Helium 10

  • It provides an extensive collection of Amazon tools to assist merchants in rising in rankings.
  • Despite competition, the majority of tools are the best ones available for Amazon sellers.
  • It works because it is inexpensive and adds value. Sales will cover the cost of Helium 10.
  • User dashboard that makes it easy to switch between tools and combine them for better outcomes
  • Strong data analysis capabilities
  • The simplest way to launch a campaign is to move data around.

Cons of using Helium 10

Not every tool is of the same caliber. Some have rivals that perform some tasks better than they do. KeyworX, for instance, excels over Keyword Tracker. However, with all the features Helium 10 offers, having the best is practically impossible.

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