9 Signs your Home Needs Plumbing Services Urgently

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Plumbing expenses are expenses that most people don’t anticipate. Most people will buy quality and strong plumbing products for their homes, which is suitable and advisable. However, a wise man once said if something is meant to break, it will break one day.

Although you hope for the best, you should prepare for the worst. Any equipment to remain serviceable for a long requires regular servicing and repair. And the same with plumbing structures. Emergency plumbing service providers will offer a 24-hour service to their loyal clients.

Signs your Home Needs Urgent Plumbing Services

These are the significant signs that your home needs urgent plumbing services;

Your Sink is Slow to Drain

Does the water in your kitchen sink fill up to your elbows while washing dishes? This shows

that a clog partially blocks your drainage system. Sometimes the water may not flow at all. It is

not a pleasant situation.

Clogs are a result of debris and residue buildups. They will pile up with time and block your sink completely if not attended to. Your drains will tend to drain more slowly than anticipated. You should contact a plumber immediately to avoid blocking your drains with large clogged deposits.

Drain Flies

The use of plumbing products that don’t work well with your pipes can result in a draining flies’ infestation. Drain flies are a natural result of decaying organic matter in sewage systems.

Drain flies’ infestation could signify that your entire sewer line is clogged. Drain fly infestation is  hazardous to the environment and also harmful to your family’s health. You should contact your plumber right away before things turn worse.

Sewage Odor

This condition is unpleasant and also very unhealthy. It can lead to environmental and personal health complications. It’s advisable to call a plumber immediately after you notice the odor coming from your plumbing lines.

Sometimes, the foul smell may be due to an unclean toilet or sink. If the odor persists even after

cleaning them, it is a sign of clogged sewer lines. It may be unpleasant to the extent that sitting in the house is uncomfortable. A qualified plumber has the equipment and expertise to diagnose and repair the lines.

Fractured Pipes

A good plumber will advise you on using quality pipes in your home’s plumbing structure. Strong and quality pipes can withstand harsh conditions without fracturing for long. However, they are not guaranteed to last forever.

In case of a fractured pipe, you should call a professional plumber to repair it. A plumber will

advise you on fixing or replacing it with a new one. A fractured pipe leads to losses due to

water spillage. You should turn off the water at the main meter as you await the plumber.

Leakage on Walls

Your home’s plumbing system has a series of hidden drains and vents underneath the walls. If one of the pipes dislocates or gets fractured, it causes a leakage underneath your wall. It may be severe because you’ll notice water dripping from your wall.

In other instances, pipes are fixed tightly on the wall surface, and the leakage signs might not be visible. But if there’s growth of mildew on the wall on a line where pipes pass under, that’s a sign of a possible leakage. Your plumbing needs to be inspected within the shortest time possible if you notice any bubbling or blistering in the paintwork of your house.

The longer you wait, the more serious it becomes, which may lead to severe health complications. Ideally, it can cause significant structural damage if not dealt with accordingly.

Change in Water Quality

Have you ever opened your tap, and the water running is dirty? Or is the water decolorized, tastes terrible, or even smells very bad? That automatically ruins your morale; too bad. Water is life, and everyone is entitled to clean water.

Fractured and clogged pipes are the major causes of the above problems. A broken pipe allows sand and other foreign matter into your drainage system. On the other hand, clogging decolorizes and contaminates the water flowing. You should contact a company that offers emergency plumbing services for your rescue.

Spike in your Water Bill

An increase in your water bill should go hand in hand with an increase in water usage in your home.  Sometimes, the water bill may spike as your water consumption is constant. It is an unusual and worrying state.

An increase in your water bill is a warning sign of a potential plumbing issue in your home. Emergency plumbing service providers should address unexplained spikes in water bills. They could be a result of fractured pipes or a faulty meter box.

Aging Pipes and Plumbing Products

Old pipes and fittings are weak and should be replaced with new ones. Old appliances pose a

more significant threat of fracturing compared to new ones. Once your plumbing structures age, you should contact a plumber to replace them.

Remodeling your kitchen or bathroom with new structures assures you of more extended service. New systems will also look lavish and stylish compared to old ones.

Ideally, replacing old structures with new ones saves you money. The cost of replacing is low compared to repairing faulty systems every time. This will also help you avoid the problem of spiking water bills due to leaks.

No Water at all

Have you ever entered your home feeling thirsty only to find no water from the tap? Especially

when you expect, there is. The water may have been blocked in the pipes due to clogging. Similarly, your pipes may be fractured, and the water flows away instead of reaching the tap.

You should contact a qualified plumber to carry out the repair and feel thirsty no more.


Plumbing problems can be expensive, primarily when carried out in critical conditions. That’s why a repair should be attended to whenever it occurs or is detected. Regular maintenance is done on time; they help avoid huge plumbing problems and huge repair expenses. Ensure you have a plumber you can call when there’s a plumbing issue.

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