Why Violet Is Taking 2018 By Storm

Kennith Bogan

Shades of eggplant and true purple are certainly no stranger in interior design, but 2018 is the year of violet. While a lighter hue, this shade of purple inspires creativity and forward thinking. Even if pastel shades don’t typically find their way into your home décor, ultra violet is a worthy exception.
A Subtle Pop Of Color
If you prefer to decorate with a calming blend of quiet neutrals such as the lighter versions of cream, brown, blue, or grey—violet is a subtle a pop of color. While still a lighter hue, it ads a bit more visual appeal to your room.
Violet Doesn’t Have To Be Subtle
If calm and soothing isn’t quite your vibe, you can turn to violet to contrast with darker colors. Next to charcoal grey, navy blue, or even black—violet really stands out. It is also the perfect way to add color to rooms that are glam, such as adding purple accessories to rooms with metallics. Choose violet with a bit of texture, such as a silk, velvet, or linen for instant sophistication.
The Perfect Home Accent
If you like to switch up your home accents from one season to the next, remove your current throw blankets, pillows, vases, and linens—and replace them with a violet alternative. Again, texture is a must.

TMF 家匠
An Ultra Violet Statement
While violet is pale, it can still be used to make a statement. No need to go wall to wall violet, instead look for one statement piece that will be the focal point of your designated room. This might be the headboard of your bed, your living room sofa, area rug, or work of art. Surround your violet focal point with simple supportive colors.
Go Floral
If violent accents aren’t quite your cup of tea, opt for silk flowers, violet house plants like lavender, or fresh cut flowers in shades of violet—such as lilacs or hydrangeas. Or if you enjoy floral prints, work violet into your home that way.
No matter the design trend you never have to go the extreme. Just a handful of violet accents can add beauty to any home. As always, TMF 家匠 is here to help with some stunning violet ideas!

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