What Size Mattress Does a Couple Needs?

Kennith Bogan

Do you know that mattress’s size can affect your relationship? 

Yes, it does!

Though it may sound bizarre to you, the right mattress size plays an important factor in your relationships. Nothing can be as blissful as sleeping next to your partner who has been your strength for years and has stood by you through all your thick and thin. But this blessing can turn out to be a curse if you don’t have the right sized mattress. 

In that case, you either be sleeping on an edge or finding it hard to toss and turn. In the crunch of sleeping space, you will not be able to take a good night’s sleep. We all know what follows after an incomplete and not relaxing night’s sleep. You’ll be irritated and agitated all day long, feel tired as soon as wake up, and will not be doing anything wholeheartedly. 

And the main culprit of all of this would be a wrong mattress.

Would you like you to suffer from all of this? If not then here is our guide on why mattress size is suitable for couples. 

Before moving any further, let’s understand which standard sizes available:

  • Single bed memory foam mattress – A single bed memory foam mattress in India is available in 1.44 x 182.88 CM (36 x 72 inches) / 91.44 x 190.05 CM (36 x 75 inches) / 91.44 x 192.12 CM (36 x 78 inches) dimensions. With a crunch of width, it’s never going to be a good choice for couples. 
  • Standard queen size mattress is the most common mattress size in the world and can be easily spotted in most of the couple’s bedroom. A couple with average built can co-sleep on this mattress without facing any hassles. There will be enough space to move a bit while staying close to your partner. It comes with 152.4 x 182.88 CM (60 x 72 inches measurement. 

Now, there are two different sizes available of queen size memory foam mattress as well which are  152.4 x 190.05 CM (60 x 75 inches)  and 152.4 x 192.12 CM (60 x 78 inches) respectively. The latter category gives you extra leg space and suits best for taller couples. This is one of the least common mattress sizes amongst couples. 

  • King Size offers you maximum sleeping space and comes with 72*72 inches measurement. After queen size, this is the most common size that couples offer.   Apart from this standard measurement, king size memory foam mattress is available in  two different dimensions like 182.88 x 190.05 CM (72 x 75 inches)  and 182.88 x 192.12 CM (72 x 78 inches) as well. 

The last king size mattress which is of 72 x 78 inches measurement is the longest and widest mattress type that you can ever ask for. Sleeping on this mattress size is the most comfortable experience. It can easily accompany the third person as well without snatching the couple’s space. 

Points to remember while choosing the mattress size for you 

Once you are aware of the mattress size options that you can have as a couple, the next step is to consider some of the key points that will help you make the right decision. 

Pay attention to your sleeping habits

Now as you’re aware of the options that you can opt for your bedroom that you share with your partner, the next point to ponder over is to find out the sleeping habits of your partner. 

If you and your partner don’t want to get disturbed during sleep, are highly active during sleep and toss & turn a lot, and want to enjoy extra sleeping space then king size memory foam mattress( 182.88 x 182.88 CM  or 72 x 72 inches)  is what you should pick. 

With extra sleeping space and motion isolation ability, it will help you enjoy a night of undisturbed sleep. However, if you and your partner tend to sleep like a log and don’t move much during sleep then standard queen size memory foam mattress (60 x 72 inches) is the best bet.

Consider your body type

You’re going to sleep at least a minimum of eight hours at stretch on your bed. Hence, it’s important that your mattress must support your body type and body weight. Here’s what to do –

  • If you and your partner are of heavy built and weigh little more than average body weight then you should pick the mattress size which is wider and supportive enough to support your body weight. In that case, standard king size memory foam mattress (182.88 x 182.88 CM or 72 x 72 inches) will be the ideal choice.
  • If you both are of slim build but have gained extra inches in height then queen size memory foam mattress with measurement with 60 x 78 inches measurement or king size memory foam mattress with 72 x 78 inches measurement is what you should pick. 

Is there any third one accompany you? 

So, if there is someone else like a child, kid, or pet that often sharing sleeping space with you than you would be requiring extra sleeping space for sure. In that case, the king size memory foam mattress of 72 x 72 inches measurement is the right choice to make as it has the ideal width to length ratio and ensures that all three of you are sleeping comfortably. 

The Gist of all

Everything can be compromised and adjusted when you are in a relationship except the sleeping space. You should never compromise on it for you and your relationships’ well-being. No matter how much you love partner, you can never co-sleep on a single bed memory foam mattress. You need your personal sleeping space. 

Considering all the points, standard queen size memory foam mattress and king size memory foam mattresses are the most preferred options for couples. For extra needs, you can consider other options as well. Don’t forget to buy memory foam mattresses from trusted suppliers only to enjoy a comfortable sleep. 

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