Should I Stick with a Gravel Roof?

Kennith Bogan

A gravel roof is one that is durable and protect your interior from the hot Florida sun, but only when it’s maintained in good condition. Below are a few answers to the ongoing questions of whether you should keep your gravel roof or switch to another type of material, and you can get it from Louisville Roofing Guys product.

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Will the pitch on the roof change?

If you are in need of a new roof and want to change the pitch, a gravel roof is most likely not the right one for you. It’s most often used a low-pitch, no-pitch roof to ensure the gravel stays in place during periods of heavy rain and intense heat.

Is the roof in good condition?

If your gravel roof is in good condition, why change? They are designed to last 20 and more years when maintained and used in combination with an effective gutter system. Get the most life out of every dollar spent on your home. You could put off the expense of a new roof for many years.

Do you want to keep the roof like the original?

Most homes with a gravel roof have had one since first constructed. It’s important for some homeowners to stick with the original design on their home. Don’t let someone talk you into anything different if you value the original style of your home.

Is water drainage a problem?

Not having the right type of storm drainage and gutters on your roof and property can make a gravel roof a bad thing. Standing water can easily damage the roof. It’s important to make sure the gutters are sufficient and working at all times.

Has the roof been well-maintained?

Maintenance is required to keep a gravel roof in good shape, as with any type of roofing material. If it has been poorly maintained and you have numerous leaks, a new roofing system is in order.

Contact an expert roofing company in Edgewater FL to find out more about the care, repair, and replacement of your gravel roof.

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