Save Energy, Save Money

Kennith Bogan

We currently live in a more energy-conscious world. We not only want to adapt to more alternative sources of energy, but we want to try and save money while we’re doing it. Here are some of the ways you can save energy at home.


We cannot go through a day at home without using an appliance around the house. Everything we plug into outlets uses electricity, and therefore gets added to your electric bill. Think about the appliances and devices you need to keep plugged in, like your refrigerator, your stove, and your landline. But what about your cell phone charger or your gaming systems? Even when you’re not using them, they still use electricity. Besides, those devices can easily be plugged back in whenever you want to use them, so why not unplug them and spare a portion of your electric bill?

Cool Down

Your home heating and cooling can be the money that got away from you. You hardly realize when we leave the heat on if you’re home, but when you’re not home, why not turn down the heat to a lower temperature, or perhaps turn off the heat all together, depending on the weather outside. Be conscious and make your best judgements about when to adjust your thermostat. Same goes for air conditioning. If it’s a nice temperate day, you could open a window or two and that could be all the cooling you need. If that’s not enough, you can check into having orange park electricians install energy-saving furnaces and air conditioners.

Switch Off

The value of electricity is truly measured by the amount of lights we have in a home. There are at least 2 or 3 sources of light in a room, whether they’re floor lamps, desk lamps, or ceiling lights. Pay attention to when you turn a light on and off. Do you sometimes leave lights on in a room when you’re not in it? Are there any lights you leave on overnight? Take note of this and make it a habit to switch lights you aren’t using. Perhaps invest in some energy-saving light bulbs. Being merely more aware of your home environment can make all the differences in what you pay.

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