Common Vinyl Siding Repairs in Chicago

Kennith Bogan

When vinyl siding was first introduced it was considered a novelty and not all of that much of a solid investment. Today, vinyl is the most common siding material found on homes in the United States. This is because of its many desirable features, such as being extremely durable, low in maintenance, and resistant to damage from weather and insects. Even so, there will be times when there’s a need for siding repairs in Chicago IL, like the ones discussed below.

Warping and Buckling

Vinyl siding that wasn’t installed properly is susceptible to warping and buckling. Because vinyl expands and contracts with temperature, it needs to be fastened in a way that allows for some movement. If this is what’s causing panels to buckle or warp, re-installation may be necessary.

Moisture Exposure

Because vinyl siding needs to move to allow for expansion and contraction, it has no barrier for water. This is why a waterproof barrier is placed below the siding before it’s installed. Should this barrier become damaged in certain areas, it will have to be repaired to prevent serious issues with mold and rot, which sometimes involves removing and replacing panels in the affected areas.

Color Fading

Uneven sunlight exposure (e.g., one side of your home naturally gets more sunlight than the other) can cause vinyl siding to fade more in certain areas. While this is mostly a cosmetic issue, faded panels may eventually develop cracks. If fading is relegated to a small area, panels can usually be replaced.

Cracking and Other Types of Damage

It’s not easy to crack vinyl siding, but it can happen. Siding repairs in Chicago IL involving even minor cracks in siding should be completed ASAP to avoid related problems with moisture exposure beneath the cracked areas. Dents from hail and chips should also be taken care of quickly.

Noisy Siding

When installed properly, vinyl siding shouldn’t make noise, even when it’s really windy outside. Oftentimes, issues with noise are caused by siding that’s either too tight or too loose. Depending on the extent of the problem, re-installation may be necessary.

If your vinyl siding is showing signs of wear or damage, call on reliable contractors specializing in siding repairs in Chicago IL sooner rather than later. Putting off repairs increases your odds of having to deal with more extensive problems with moisture, mold, and underlying structural damage. When properly installed and maintained, vinyl siding can last for many decades.

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