HVAC Noise Pollution – 4 Ways to Limit the Noise of Your Air Conditioning System

Kennith Bogan

The noise pollution caused by machines such as HVAC equipment can be very annoying and cause serious problems. As city’s grow and blocks become smaller and houses are clumped closer together, the noise from air conditioners becomes a real problem. So are there ways to limit this noise from your hvac system? Below are 4 top tips to reduce the noise pollution emitted from your HVAC system.

  1. Choose An Inverter – Most inverter Air conditioning Brisbane systems are designed to be a few decibels quieter than a standard air conditioning system. If you are concerned with noise, or are choosing a large air conditioning system an inverter is an essential choice.
  2. Correct Positioning – Be sure to correctly position the air conditioner around your home or apartment. Try to place the air conditioner in a spot where it will least effect both you and your neighbours. You may need to speak with the HVAC contractor to determine the best position for your air conditioning compressor.
  3. Speak With Your Neighbours – If you have a good relationship with your neighbours, you will less likely have problems over air conditioning noise. Before installing a system, speak with your neighbours to determine the best location for your unit. You don’t want to place the compressor right near their bedroom window, so a bit of preparation and planning can prevent you from having to move the air conditioner in the future.
  4. Sound Barrier Walls – If the air conditioner has already been installed and noise is an issue, sound barriers can be installed. You can often buy pre made materials which will absorb some of the sound produced by a compressor. Other options can include fences, walls and plants to buffer the sound. Some walls and fences however can actually amplify the sound and make it even worse, so talk to a professional first.
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