How to Eradicate Household Pests Without Toxic Chemicals

Kennith Bogan

Spraying dangerous toxins all over your property isn’t the only way to get rid of unwanted infestations. With a little bit of hard work and some non-toxic products, you should be able to keep most pests off your property and out of your home.

Take Away Their Food and Water

All rodents and insects must have access to a few basic necessities. If they can’t find food and water inside your home, then they most likely won’t set up a nest or colony. Simple steps such as cleaning up spills and putting away your dishes as soon as you are done eating will keep many pests out of your home. You must also make sure that there is no standing water anywhere on your property.

Seal Your Home Up

As a general rule, homeowners should try to seal up all cracks and pinholes at least two or three times a year. In addition to improving your home’s efficiency, that project is also going to make it much more difficult for larger pests to enter your home. Smaller openings can usually be found around windows, doors, vents, and pipes. Most pinholes and cracks can easily be plugged with all-purpose sealant and a caulking gun.

Use Pesticides Made From Natural Oils

For flying pests that can come through doorways and make their way into ducts, you should use pesticides that contain natural oils. Safe mosquito control requires nothing more than a pesticide made from cedar and peppermint oils. As for flies and gnats, you can try products that contain lemongrass and citronella oils.

No matter what steps you take to keep pests out of your home, you will most likely have to deal with at least a few infestations over the years. When those infestations occur, you should immediately contact a local exterminator to explore all of your options. Ignoring a pest infestation could result in damage to your property as well as germs being brought into your home.

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