How Often Should Your Central Air Conditioning System Be Serviced?

Kennith Bogan

One of the most common questions that homeowners ask about their central air conditioning system is how often they should have it serviced. Central air conditioning makes our lives much more comfortable than before it was commonly found in homes and businesses around the United States. Without proper maintenance, however, our heating and air systems will be unable to cool us off in the summer and warm us up in the winter. One of the most important reasons to properly maintain your HVAC system is to ensure that you are not left without heating or cooling in the most critical time possible.

The most common reason that an air conditioning brisbane system breaks down at a critical time is because the unit has not been maintained correctly. Because of this, it is very important to have your system serviced an inspected regularly. This gives your HVAC technician the opportunity to pinpoint potential issues and correct them before they become big problems. This is a perfect example of how spending a little on prevention can save a ton in the long run.

In order to back up these claims, several studies have been done that have shown that well-maintained heating and cooling units operate at a higher efficiency and greater reliability than those that are infrequently maintained. As a result, your air conditioning system runs better and uses less energy. Furthermore, routine servicing costs much less than the cost to fix an emergency breakdown.

In order to ensure that your air conditioning system is operating at its full potential, and to avoid any untimely breakdowns, you should have your system checked out every 6 months. At a minimum, you should have your cooling system inspected in the spring before you begin using it for the summer and your heating system in the fall before you start using it for the winter. If either system gets heavy usage, you should talk with your local heating and air professional about whether or not you need more frequent maintenance. In most cases, you may just need to replace your filters more often.

Because of the important role that our heating and cooling systems play in our every day lives, it is vital that they remain in good working condition. This is especially true in areas that experience extreme cold or heat during the winter or summer. Not only could an unexpected outage be uncomfortable, it could also be dangerous under the right conditions. Whether you keep your own schedule, and remember to call your technician at the proper times each year, or if you sign up for an easy-to-remember service plan, don’t forget to have your air conditioning system inspected, maintained and tuned up at least twice a year. You will thank yourself the next time a neighbor has an unexpected failure.

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