Consider an Attic Conversion for Extra Living Space

Kennith Bogan


Many times homeowners find the house that they thought was just perfect for their family begins to feel a bit cramped. This can happen when little kids become teenagers, or the number of family members may increase. Whatever the reason, most people would rather find extra space in their existing home than list it for sale and search for a roomier house. Extra living space can be created in the basement or attic space of most homes, but sometimes there is not enough available space or too many changes are needed. Basements in particular may be too damp or the ceiling height may not allow enough headroom and these limitations cannot be changed.

Once everything is taken into consideration, the homeowner may find an attic renovation offers the best opportunity to increase their family living space. Older homes that have a second story often have quite a lot of unused attic space, and many of these properties already have a stairway for easy access. The attic area of these homes is located on the third floor which often features at least one window. The most obvious location to install windows would be in the gable ends of the home, and many attic conversions include adding dormers which would allow for additional windows.

Converting an attic to add living space may sound like a simple solution for a growing family, but the project can be more complicated than anticipated. If the expanded area will be used as a bonus room for entertainment and family activities, the existing lighting may be sufficient. If the space will be used for bedrooms, adding a bathroom for convenience will require additional electrical and plumbing work. If this is the case, it is recommended that the homeowner hire a home renovation contractor to do the work.

Homeowners who wish to use their attic to create additional living space in their home should first contact a few building contractors for advice. There are building codes that must be considered, and they will need to get the required building permits. Not only will additional insulation and flooring be necessary, but there must also be adequate structural support and stairway access. This is not to say an attic conversion is not worth the effort and expense, but the finished project must be done properly and pass the final building inspection.

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