Building or Buying a Horse Ranch in California

Kennith Bogan

Horses are one of the most graceful, useful, and beautiful creatures mankind has ever known. Beyond their ability to be so helpful to many projects, such as farming and ranching, they also have provided thousands of years of transportation for mankind. But besides their usefulness, horses have become some of the greatest companions of mankind for a wide variety of reasons. Certainly, much can be said for the affection and care of their caregivers.

In California, horses have held a long history in the world of ranching. Since cattle ranching in California can be dated back hundreds of years, it is not surprising to see how it has flourished over generations as a backdrop to building the economy of California. In fact, before the “Gold Rush” of the early 1800s, most ranches in California were geared toward cattle. Because of this, most ranches also had dozens of horses to facilitate the cattle ranching work.

Modern Ranching in California

Today, things have changed in California. While cattle ranching has expanded throughout the state, there are a wide variety of diverse types of new ranches that grace the state. Some of the farms that were specifically geared toward cattle ranching over the years have converted to equestrian ranches. However, because of the ample land throughout the state, there are still ample amounts of ranches that are a combination of cattle and horse ranches.

Today, many newcomers to California have planned their move to the state to build horse ranches because there is ample land and resources that are perfect environments for this. Horse breeders for racing, competitions, and ranching have been thriving in the state for generations. For people who love horses, there can be no greater experience than to own a horse ranch where you can own many horses. The main concern most horse lovers have when considering a horse ranch is where is the best place to find land for sale in California .

While there are billions of acres in America that could be suitable for horses, California is widely known as very horse friendly territory. Part of the reason for this is because of the vast areas of temperate climate. In many other states throughout the country, the climate can be harsh for horses and their owners. By contrast, in California, horses can enjoy mostly temperate conditions year-round.

There are many areas throughout the state that are well established for horse ranching. In some areas, people have their horses on plots of land just under two acres. Others have much larger ranches with acreage that ranges from ten to several hundred or more. The most important aspect of deciding on where to have a horse ranch, is deciding on some of the basic factors for the ranch.

When looking to create or buy a horse ranch in California, the most important aspects are:

  • How Many Horses Do You Intend to Have?
  • Is There Ample Room for a House, Barn and Grazing?
  • What Are the Land Restrictions for the Town on Horse Ranches?
  • How is The Water Supply?
  • How Arid is The Climate?
  • What are The Risks of Wildfire?
  • What is the Topography of the Land?
  • Is There Ample Tree Shade Safely Away from the House or Potential House Area?

Answering all these questions, will help horse ranch buyers, or those who are trying to build a horse ranch, get the best possible accommodations for their horses and themselves. While there are certain counties that have higher amounts of horse ranches, there are few areas that are unconducive for ranching. Using a realtor can usually help buyers get the best type of land for a horse ranch. Specific areas for horse ranching is rare. Most of the entire state of California is widely known for horse ranches and equestrian riding. From San Diego to Sacramento and beyond, the ranching land throughout the state is ample.

Landscaping and Preparing for Wildfire Threats

Certainly, with the recent wildfires that have plagued California over the last few years, getting the right location for a horse farm can be a vital decision. Buying or building a home and horse ranch should always include a proper design that reduces the risk of an invasive wildfire destroying the property and reducing it to ashes.

While having tree shade on a home or near a barn is important, it is always wisest to have fewer trees near buildings that can cause an inferno. Creating specific areas for shade and open space can be part of a home, barn, and grazing area design. This will help ensure a ranch has a much greater chance of surviving any wildfires that may plague the area of the ranch.

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