5 Small Home Repairs That Make a Huge Difference

Kennith Bogan

Most homeowners enjoy taking pride in the appearance of their home. But when money and time are tight, it can be difficult to make home repairs. Continue reading for five easy home fixes that will improve the appearance and function of your home.

1. Cabinet Doors

The sound of cabinet doors slamming can be an annoyance. This is easily remedied with cabinet bumpers. These are small pieces of rubber that adhere to the inside of your cabinets and prevent noise.

2. Garage Doors

If your garage door denton isn’t working how it should, fear not. Repairing or replacing a garage door is a relatively simple fix, but it can be dangerous. It’s best to hire professionals for this task. A new garage door can make a significant difference in curb appeal for your home.

3. Shower heads

A loose and vibrating shower head can really ruin your showering experience. Expansion foam provides a straightforward fix for this problem. Use the foam to create a ring around the water pipe, preventing the shower head from shaking.

4. Garbage Disposals

You may put off fixing your garbage disposal, thinking it is a difficult task. But fixing a garbage disposal isn’t hard. Garbage disposals have a reset button. Pressing this button may be all you need to do to get your disposal working again. If this doesn’t work, an Allen wrench can be used to release clogs.

5. Toilets

A running toilet is both annoying and wasteful. A faulty flapper valve is a common culprit for leaky toilets. The flapper valve is attached to the flushing lever and prevents water from filling the tank once it’s full. Replacing this valve is a cheap and effective way to stop a running toilet. If your toilet continues to run, you may need to contact a professional to help.

Owning a home comes with many responsibilities. You may be tempted to put off home repairs when you don’t have much time or money. However, making these small home repairs should be relatively easy and improve the look and feel of your home.

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