3 In 1 Convertible Cot – The Best Budget Baby Furniture

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These days baby room furniture is going through a rapid transformation as several smart alternatives to erstwhile traditional furniture options are coming up. It is needless to say, these new furniture range is bringing more flexibility to the parents. No, as your baby grows up you no longer need to change the baby bed often. You guessed it right, we are talking about convertible baby cot that can allow you using the same bed for years as the little one grows up to a kid. Obviously, you enjoy a huge cost advantage by opting for this flexible baby bed option.

A vast majority of the new baby products are basically made by improving upon the existing design of an erstwhile baby furniture or useful baby product. Now the burgeoning trend of combining several features and functions together in a furniture is increasingly becoming popular. 3 in 1 baby cot is one such option that allows parents buying a bed for the entire childhood of his son or daughter. Apart from good cost saving advantage this also prevents the concern of parents over changing the bed for grownup child. You just make a purchase once and it is where your child sleeps on until becoming a full grown teen. A really nice idea, isn’t it? Let us share some useful information and tips in relation to this smart crib called 3 in 1 cot.

• How To Use The 3 In 1 Cot?


To be honest, it is just as any regular crib with all the comfort it is known for but the best thing is by removing the front rail of the crib and by using the mattresses you can quickly turn it into a daybed. As your little child grows up to a toddler you spread the bed and use a front rail to keep him within the guard rail.

In the older days, once a baby grows up a kid, the crib didn’t have any function but to remain there useless or to wait there until another baby comes up in the family. Just in complete contrast to this, a 3-in-1 crib allows you using the same crib for multiple bedding purpose. With just a few adjustments your old crib can accommodate a full grown teen of even can be used sometimes by grownups as a makeshift bed or a place to take some rest.

Now when coming to additional mattresses that you require to enlarge the bed, the available options are pretty economic and full of variety. These mattresses are available for purchase separately and you can choose them as per your desired comfort level. You can only buy additional mattresses when you require the bed to straighten up to accommodate grownup kids. So, you actually need to invest very little once you purchase the bed.

• Key Considerations To Buy 3-In-1 Bed

When you buy these 3-in-1 cribs you need to keep in mind a few things. Here we are explaining them in brief.

• Mattress Height Should Be Adjustable

Flexibility is the most important benefit f these convertible crib beds and hence you need to ensure that the mattresses of this bed also offers the same. As the child grows up the size of the mattress should accommodate his growing size of the body. So, make sure that the mattresses come with adjustable height. Higher mattress allows you to keep the baby within crib easily but with the growth of the baby you can lower the height to prevent them from toppling over the crib rail.

• Look For What You Get With The Crib


Remember all the 3-in-1 cribs just do not offer all that one requires for converting it into a larger bed. Just make sure you are provided with a conversion kit including guardrail needed for a toddler bed. Also look for the perfectly sized mattress for the crib.

• The Materials The Crib Is Made Of

A baby crib should be durable and safe enough to last for years. Wooden ones are good as they are organic. Also make sure that the crib paint is organic and not lead-based. Babies having mouth contact with harmful crib paint can lead to dangerous health consequences.

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