10 Essential Oils That Relieve Stress and Boost Your Energy

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Fragrances can affect our mood and day. What scent to choose when you want to recharge your batteries or you need to relieve stress? Try our tips and find out a list of 10 essential oils that relieve stress and boost your energy.

10 Essential Oils That Relieve Stress and Boost Energy


Aromatherapy is one of the types of alternative medicine, where the beneficial properties of essential oils are used. Their fragrances are capable to many things: evoke vivid emotions, improve memory, cheer up or, conversely, soothe and calm down.

What Are the Best Essential Oils That Boost Energy and Relieve Stress?

What Are the Best Essential Oils That Boost Energy


Essential oils are extracts obtained from plants. They contain healing ingredients that will help you relax and give you strength. They are also used for cosmetic procedures and body care. The scents have really great power. Like colors, they can affect our mood, improve the day and recharge it or relieve stress and create a feeling of well-being and relaxation. How and when to use them and what scent to choose?

In the morning, we usually reach for fresh scents, full of purity, which charge you with energy and give you a feeling of security. It is ideal to start the day with a fresh shower and then choose a suitable perfume for the whole day.

In the evening, we usually want to get rid of stress, we want to calm the mind and relax the body. In this case, you can use essential oils for aroma lamps or suitable bath additives like salts or bath foam.


pine oil relieves stress improves memory

Pine is a fresh scent that has beneficial effect on the psycho-emotional state of a person, increases energy, confidence and concentration and improves memory. Pine essential oil also encourages creativity and after a long day helps to relax and quickly restore energy reserves after physical and mental stress.

Mint Essential oil

Mint essential oil has soothing and relaxing effect

Mint essential oil is known as one of the most effective soothing and relaxing remedies. Good for mental health, helps bring the emotional state back to normal. The fresh aroma of mint restores strength and eliminates depression. Mint essential oil has a delicate but dynamic scent that is full of energy and determination.


Orange essential oil is great for relaxation

Orange essential oil is suitable for both children and adults. This is a great essential oil for relaxation that helps to calm down, relieve stress and get rid of frustration. The aroma of orange helps to restore the vitality of the body. This scent is often associated with Christmas, so it creates a pleasant atmosphere, has a positive effect and also relieves insomnia.

Essential Oils That Relieve Stress – Bergamot

Bergamot Oil relieves anxiety tension and depression

This essential oil is also known as the oil of happiness. Botanists call it Citrus Bergamia and it helps energy to flow freely throughout the body. Bergamot oil will help you cope with emotional problems, reduce the symptoms of anxiety, tension and depression. The scent of bergamot improves blood pressure, has a positive effect on the psyche and well-being and performance.

Lavender essential oil

Lavender essential oil relieves stress and anxiety

Lavender has an extraordinary ability to calm the mind and reduce irritation and tension. This is one of the most commonly used oils which has a bactericidal and soothing effect. It is great for the skin of the face and body, and it also helps to achieve inner harmony, effectively fights against bad mood, depression and anxiety.


Ylang Ylang essential oil fights stress

Ylang-Ylang is a popular scent that fights stress and insomnia. It will relieve emotional stress, relieves fear, anger and anxiety and reduces chronic fatigue.

Lemon oil

Lemon oil is a natural immune booster

Lemon oil is considered a natural immune booster, it relieves headaches and quickly raises mood. Bright, positive and slightly bitter aroma of lemon promotes inspiration, creativity and activity.

Jasmine essential oil

Jasmine Essential Oil relieves tension and irritation

Jasmine oil relieves tension in the muscles, it calms, relieves irritation, both literally and figuratively. This oil is ideal to combat depression and stress.

Geranium oil

Geranium Essential Oil balances hormones calms the nerves

Geranium essential oil balances hormones, calms the nerves, increases mental and physical activity and creates a feeling of cheerfulness.

Essential Oils That Relieve Stress- Sandal Wood

Sandal wood essential oil against depression

Sandal wood essential oil is often used to treat depression and emotional dysfunctions. This relaxing oil has a harmonizing and calming effect, relieves tension and mental confusion, fear, stress, nervous exhaustion, chronic illness and anxiety.



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