Toro Vs Honda Lawn Mower Difference 2022

Kennith Bogan

Toro and Honda mowers are well-known names among gardeners with long histories and great products.

If you’re a casual user who wants something easy to use for regular cutting jobs, opt for a Honda. Conversely, if you prefer more involvement in a task, opt for a Toro, since it’s more of a professional mower, comparatively.

In this article, I’ll review these great mowers and help you figure out your perfect fit between the Toro vs Honda lawn mower.

Review: Toro Lawn Mower 

Toro TimeMaster 30 in. Briggs & Stratton Personal Pace Self-Propelled Walk-Behind Gas Lawn Mower with Spin-Stop

Toro is a Minneapolis-based American turf management firm. It was established in 1914 and initially specialized in farm tractor engines. Toro was chosen as the company’s name because of its affiliation with the Bull Tractor Company.

As a result, they have become one of the most well-known mower manufacturers in the world, offering everything from reliable push and even self-propel mowers to high-end robotic mowers and some of the best compact riding mowers on the market. 

These self-propel lawn mowers save you time and energy and are the best pieces of lawn power equipment, in my opinion!

Let’s go through some of Toro lawn mower’s key features.

Engine And Frame 

Depending on the model, Toro mowers use engines from one of three manufacturers: Briggs & Stratton, Honda, or Loncin. Toro’s self-propel mowers with personal pace are powered by Briggs & Stratton engines, whilst Recycler series machines are powered by Honda dealer mowers of 160cc or bigger. 

Loncin is a well-known Chinese motorcycle manufacturer, and its engines are often used in the top Toro mowers. Loncin manufactures 87cc, 99cc, 163cc, 212cc, 265cc, and 302cc engines for the Toro company. 

Toro’s auto choke system is ideal for folks who have trouble using choke levers or priming bulbs. This engine is referred to as a ready start since there are no choke or throttle levers to bother with! 

YouTube user “machinesnmetal” does a great job showing how the auto choke works on a Toro Briggs and Stratton lawn mower engine here:

Toro mower frames are generally heavy-duty and made of rust-resistant steel. They are long-lasting and will keep going long after the rest of the mower has worn out. As a result, it is entirely conceivable to replace components as they wear out and, by doing so, double or even triple the life of the mower.

Deck And Blades

Adjusting the deck height of the lawn mower can be rather labor-intensive, especially if you need to adjust the deck height on a frequent basis. However, the deck adjusts in half-inch increments from one inch to four inches, which is more than enough for most lawns.

Toro has installed a deck wash-out port which provides a convenient way to clean the bottom of the deck and maintains optimum airflow for high performance. It’s easy to operate: simply connect your garden hose and run the blade.

The majority of Toro mowers, including the Toro Recycler and Toro Super Recycler models, come equipped with high-lift 2-in-1 blades. The blades provide the cleanest, crispest cuts possible. 

The Toro Recycler is equipped with a 3-in-1 blade. The blade is meant to collect, mulch, and side discharge (it’s a hybrid blade in that it can perform all three functions).

Maintaining the sharpness of your blade is beneficial to both your lawn and your mower. 

The Toro Super Recycler is dustproof and engineered for superior performance. Another rather impressive feature of the Toro Super Recycler range is that it also comes with the FLEX Handle Suspension, which glides over holes and bumps with ease. 

Light sharpening may be accomplished while the blade is still attached to the mower; however, if extensive filing is required, the blade will need to be removed and balanced after sharpening.

It should be noted that no matter how highly rated, using other brand-name blades is strongly discouraged owing to the additional wear and strain they might create on your mower.

Pricing And Maintenance

When it comes to price, Toro comes out on top when it comes to the overall value for money. The 21-inch high-wheeled push mower, which costs around $270, is their most affordable mower. Their more expensive models are the Zero-Turn riders, which range in price from $2,000 to $5,000. 

They also produce high-end robotic mowers, the iMow series, which start at $1,300 and go up to $2,000. 

Toro lawn mowers may need the same level of maintenance as any other brand. One advantage is that all necessary maintenance can be done in about an hour. Most of their machines require very basic maintenance

You may opt to change the oil in a new mower engine after 5 hours of use, then again after every 50 hours, or once before the new season begins. If you aren’t sure how to select the correct type of oil so that you don’t damage your machine, read this post about what kind of oil goes in a mower.

Every 25 hours, it is recommended that you inspect and clean the air filter. This  air filter replacement comes highly recommended. You’ll only need to replace the spark plug once a season or once every 100 hours, whichever comes first.

It should be noted that Toro motors have some unique parts which can make repairs difficult if they become unavailable. 


Toro mowers have a lifespan of 8 to 10 years. However, a well-maintained Toro mower can last for much longer! If you carefully maintain your Toro mower and repair a few parts over the years, you can expect it to last 15 to 20 years. Conversely, if your mower is not properly maintained, it may not last more than 5 or 6 years.

Toro Mower Pros

  • Innovative design and unique features 
  • Durable and reliable
  • Compact and simple to store
  • More cost-effective than Honda
  • Wide range of models to choose from
  • Low maintenance 
  • Company has great reputation

Toro Mower Cons

  • Grass clipping hopper capacity is less than Honda’s
  • Some models are expensive 

Review: Honda Lawn Mower 

closeup on a honda engine

Founded in 1949, Honda is a Japanese multinational company that specializes in the manufacturing of vehicles, motorcycles, and power equipment. A globally recognized brand with over 75 years of experience under its belt, Honda is usually associated with cars, but its power tools and lawn equipment have also generated a favorable response.

Let’s take a closer look at the key features of Honda mowers. 

Engine And Frame

Commonly lauded as one of the best pieces of lawn care equipment, Honda mowers are powered by engines also made by Honda. The company, in fact, produces nearly 7 million engines every year from plants in the United States, Japan, and Thailand. 

Furthermore, the company supplies engines to high-profile competitors like Craftsman (and, yes, even Toro!) Having said that, most Honda walk-behind mowers have engines ranging from 140cc to 200cc.

Honda frames are made of high-quality steel and are incredibly adaptable and robust. They will literally last a lifetime, and with a few components switched out for new ones every now and again, these mowers will outlast their rated lifespan of 20 years. 

Honda offers some of the most efficient engines around, all of which have been certified to fulfill the emissions standards of 50 U.S. states.

Beyond low pollution levels, though, Honda motors have quite a few more “smart” capabilities. 

Many of the company’s engines operate with an electric start system, and actually offer a self-charging method of operation that keeps the engine working for a longer amount of time than rival electric versions. This can even minimize or eliminate the requirement for typical wall outlet charging during or between mowing operations.

Deck And Blades

Although it’s constructed of 14 gauge pressed steel, the deck is lightweight, rust-resistant, dent-resistant, long-lasting, and cleverly designed to maximize grass flow back to the blades for smaller clippings. 

The grass won’t cling to it as easily as a plastic deck (which are typically found on cheaper mowers and some Honda models) and it’s easy to maintain. It’s also covered by a lifetime warranty. 

The guards are crafted from thick durable rubber, which do their job extremely well and the bag is just what you expect: top-tier.

The standard Honda lawnmower is equipped with 2-in-1 high-lift blades that are designed particularly for cutting and bagging. The Honda HRX and HRR models, on the other hand, feature Honda’s distinctive 3-in-1 MicroCut Twin Blades

Four cutting surfaces are provided by the stacked and offset pair of blades. On the first pass, each blade of grass is chopped twice: the leading blade cuts higher up, and the offset trailing blade cuts again. 

The twin blade feature recirculates the clippings and continues the process, resulting in a very fine mulch that makes bagging, mulching, and expelling grass clippings easier.


The plastic shields and grass bags are of high quality and will keep the user safe from flying debris.

Taking a step away from the mower and releasing the bail lever will cause the engine to turn off. This prevents the user from coming into contact with the mower’s blades by accident.

The Roto-Stop blade stop technology is an amazing safety feature that will allow you to have the engine running and stop the blade spinning.

Pricing And Maintenance

Honda machines are relatively expensive, with prices ranging from just over $400 to thousands of dollars. Their most affordable model is the 21-inch Push Mower, which starts at $409. 

The $1,300 21-inch Commercial Hydrostatic Self-Propelled unit is Honda’s most expensive walk-behind. Honda also sells a high-end robotic mower that retails at $2,500 to $3,000.

Honda mowers are renowned for their low-to-no-maintenance requirements, especially when compared to other models. This accounts for the higher price. 

Aside from changing a spark plug now and again and sometimes changing the oil, there is relatively little maintenance required to keep Honda mowers operating far into, or even past, its projected lifespan. 

This video posted on the Honda YouTube channel shows how to properly maintain your Honda HRX217 K6 series lawn mower:


Besides requiring little maintenance, a Honda starts quickly and will last for a very long time. One of the main reasons for this is Honda’s patented two-blade cutting system, which reduces the wear and tear on the blades and engine. 

Top-of-the-range Honda lawn mowers are designed to last for approximately 20 years. However, many people’s experiences have shown that these lawn mowers can last far longer (as in, decades longer)! 

Honda Mower Pros

  • Cutting-edge innovations
  • Company has good reputation for producing reliable products
  • Low-emission engines that use less fuel
  • Mower engine provides quiet, reliable power
  • Requires less repairs than most brands
  • Good cutting performance

Honda Mower Cons

  • Harder to maneuver than Toro mowers
  • Less experienced in the lawnmower business than Toro
  • The company’s key focus is not lawn and garden.

Honda Vs Toro: Features Face To Face

The Toro and Honda lawn mowers offer several features and excellent value for money. However, when examined closely, you will see that each make has one or two superior features. 

Let’s compare them face to face.  


Toro and Honda both have versions with varying degrees of power. Having said that, they tend to hover around specific baseline values.

Toro models typically range from 150 to 170cc for gas engines, while some go all the way up to 190cc. In general, the larger the cc, the more powerful the engine. The wattage of Toro’s electric versions ranges from 6.0Ah to 8.0Ah.  

Similarly, Honda employs gas-powered engines in a similar range. In terms of power, many of the models from the two manufacturers are equivalent. Honda only has a few electric mowers on the market, and they have only been available for a few years. 

The Toro lawn mower wins my vote simply because it offers more electric models and a wider range of power options. So, if you’re looking for an electric motor and can’t decide between the two manufacturers, Toro is definitely a better option.

Winner: Toro


Honda and Toro both go to considerable lengths to ensure that their vehicles handle smoothly. To that aim, they both include an auto push mechanism in all of their models, making them simpler to move about.

Honda mowers are equipped with a straightforward hydrostatic transmission with cruise control, similar to the cruise control found in your car. The Smart Drive and Select Drive features allow for variable speed as per your preference.

The Toro Personal Pace system is a unique feature. This technology makes use of sensors in the lawnmower to alter the speed according to how quickly you’re traveling. 

Essentially, this thumb control feature means that the more forcefully you press on the handlebars, the faster the mower moves, which is quite ingenious. Although some people may worry that pressing on the handlebars may compromise control, this is not the case and users soon become accustomed to it. 

Toro TimeMaster 30 in. Briggs & Stratton Personal Pace Self-Propelled Walk-Behind Gas Lawn Mower with Spin-Stop

The truly smart part about the Personal pace system is that it adapts to the stride of each individual. It’s common for people to complain that they can’t seem to find the right speed for them. 

The Personal pace, however, addresses this problem for them. Since the center of gravity is closer to the rear axle, rear-wheel drive is the greatest option for mountainous and difficult terrain.

The Toro wins points in this respect since the Personal pace system is an excellent ergonomic feature that no other manufacturer offers.

Winner: Toro


Both Honda and Toro lawn mowers are both known for their durability and reliability. Honda’s innovative two-blade cutting mechanism is one of its most notable features. 

This system eventually minimizes the total water on the blades, engine, and mulching bag, allowing the equipment to survive longer overall. Honda also employs ball-bearing suspension systems in its wheels for improved performance and longevity.

Toro machines are also noted for their reliability and resistance to damage. 

The choice is difficult here, as both brands are incredibly durable in many aspects. However, Honda is the clear victor in this category, having a reputation for making reliable, durable products that reach a global audience.

Winner: Honda


All Honda power equipment is covered by a limited warranty, albeit the guarantee term varies depending on the model. Residential and domestic mowers have shorter warranties of 24 months. The majority of these warranties are only valid if Honda supplies the product.

All Toro mowers come with a 3-year “guaranteed-to-start” warranty and a 2-year complete warranty. The specific terms of the warranty vary for every product, but they all have this broad duration to take advantage of. 

Toro wins the warranty fight since it outperforms Honda warranties in terms of predictability and dependability.

Winner: Toro


Both Honda and Toro lawn mowers are both built to be low-maintenance. Both mowers will need to be cleaned and serviced regularly. This includes routine maintenance such as oil changes and cleaning the underside around the blades. 

You will very certainly need to grease the wheels, gears, and other components as well. Finally, the blades must be replaced. Most blades can be sharpened or replaced once a year, at the very least.

Toro engines are manufactured with a number of one-of-a-kind components which could make maintenance and repairs difficult should they become unavailable.

In this category, Honda is the clear winner since it has more manufacturing and maintenance locations, making it simpler to get it repaired near you. 

Winner: Honda

Standout Features


Roto-Stop Blades

Blades are automatically cut using Roto-stop technology when the handle is not depressed. The Roto-Stop blade stop technology is one of the greatest safety features. Even if the engine is running, this technology will automatically turn off the blades if you do not hold down the switch. 

SmartDrive Hydraulic Cruise Control

Cruise control may be customized to your liking. It is as simple as flipping a dial to change the pace.

Twin-Blade System and Auto Choke System

The two-blade cutting mechanism reduces wear and tear and fully mulches garbage for easy disposal.

The Auto Choke System shortens the time required for mowing. It eliminates the need to change the throttle while starting the engine.

Clip Director 

The 4-in-1 Versamow System™ which includes Clip Director mulches, bags, discharges, and leaf shreds. Honda is the only company that uses this technique, which requires no additional equipment or accessories.


Personal Pace System

The Personal Pace system employs sensors to monitor your speed and alter the mower’s speed accordingly.

Battery Models And Electric Start Button

Toro offers ten different electric motor models. On the other hand, Honda only has two that are reasonably new.

Toro mowers use a one-button start system. This efficient electronic start feature improves fuel economy by reducing the gasoline required to start the engine.

9-Place Adjustable Deck

Toro mowers offer a total of nine separate cutting settings ranging from 1″ to 4″. Each location is marked with a 1/4″ increment.

Washout Port

Using the deck washout port, you can quickly and effectively wipe the bottom of the deck while still preserving optimal airflow for peak performance.


The Smartstow function makes it simple to store the mower when it’s not in use. The mower folds up to 70% of its original size. 

This video, which was featured on the Toro YouTube channel, demonstrates how the Toro Recycler with “SmartStow” can be tucked neatly out of the way, freeing up extra space in your garage for cars and other items that require additional storage space:

Also, if you’re interested in more storage options for your lawnmower, check out this article. 


Is Honda And Toro The Same?

Honda and Toro are not the same since they are two independent companies. Honda is a Japanese firm, whereas Toro is an American company. Although both Toro and Honda are well-known makers of high-quality lawnmowers, they cater to distinct tastes and audiences.

Do Toro Mowers Have Honda Engines?

Some Toro mowers have Honda engines. The Toro 22″ Personal Pace Recycler lawn mower, for example, is powered by a Honda® GCV 160cc OHC w/Auto Choke.

Is Toro Honda Engine Better?

The Toro Honda engine is better because it provides a combination of great features from both companies. The Honda® GCV 160cc OHC engine with Auto Choke provides great power, easy starting, and is quieter than most engines.

Are Toro Mowers Any Good?

owers offer a good amount of power and excellent cut quality. As one of the best-known names in push lawn mowers, Toro has a strong reputation for durability and reliability. Toro mowers are so reliable because the company has been making them for so long.

 Conclusion: Consider Your Specific Needs

If you are still unsure about the winner of the “Honda vs Toro” debate as you figure out your next mower purchase, consider your specific requirements. 

Toro Vs Honda Lawn Mower: Which One To Choose?

Buy a Honda if:

  • You’re looking for a lawn mower with easy-to-use features 
  • You’d feel better using an environmentally-friendly machine
  • You would like a lawn mower with a long lifespan
  • You don’t like anything high maintenance
  • You’re big on safety

Buy a Toro if: 

  • You need something that’s compact, easy to store and maneuver
  • You are on a budget
  • You’d prefer a wide selection of models 
  • You’re looking for a brand with a strong reputation for durability and reliability. 
  • You want peace of mind with a 3-year “guaranteed-to-start” warranty and a 2-year full warranty

I hope this article helped you figure out the best mower for you. Please leave a comment and let me know your thoughts. I’d love to hear from you!

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