How to Protect a Wooden Door from Termites?

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Treating Wood to Prevent Termites - Vulcan Termite & Pest Control

Upon entering your home, you could have noticed a little quantity of hardwood dust accumulated beneath your windows and doors. Well, the material manufactured from dead plants is often subject to termite infestation. Because you virtually ever see them, it might be annoying when they start munching on your pricey doors, windows, and even furniture.

Due to their small size, they are difficult to spot, and by the time you do, a sizable portion of your door and other wooden material has already been harmed. Therefore, we made the decision to create some straightforward strategies you may use to get rid of these pests and stop their further spread.

You can also seek out residential termites Inspections near you to get your home inspected by a professional team of experts.

Install a Door Sweep

You might start by plugging the space between the threshold and the bottom of the door. Neoprene, vinyl, or nylon brushes may all be used to make this door sweep. Install it underneath your door to prevent termite infestation.

The door sweep is a multifunctional device for your advantage since it keeps water, air, termites, and other invasive pests out of your home.

For a stronger barrier, combine the door sweep with a steel or aluminium threshold under the door. By preventing pests from crawling under the door and entering your home, you will have complete protection from them.

Although there are various items you may use as barriers beneath the door, door sweeps are among the most popular. Just keep in mind that door sweeps are only temporary solutions, therefore it’s always preferable to Google ‘best termite inspection near me’ to hire professionals right away.

Install a Weatherstripping

Additionally, you can apply weatherstripping to the area around your door. Termites and other insects won’t be able to slither around the edge because it will close the space between the door and its frame. Additionally, it functions as a barrier to keep all bugs out.

Weatherstripping also has the benefit of being a great tool to prevent water from entering your home. In other words, you should utilise it as another versatile tool.

Leave Enough Mulch in the Distance

Mulch and other damp, dark, close-to-the-ground locations are where most subterranean termites take refuge. Termites may live in large numbers in log stores, woodpile-filled basements, and other similar locations.

Mulch should be kept at least 5″ away from your door and the outside of your house in order to scare termites away. All wooden objects should be kept out of the door’s reach. Mulch is important because it offers termites and other insects that enjoy mulch the ideal environment for survival.

It won’t be long until these insects leave the mulch. The quickest entrance into your home will finally be found through your door. To avoid severe issues, search ‘residential termites Inspections brisbane’ or pest and termite control near me’ specialist as soon as possible.

Put Up a Screen at the Door

You might want to leave your doors and windows open on hot summer days to let a cool breeze through (particularly if you live in Brisbane). Although leaving your doors and windows open might help cool down an overheated house, it can also make it more susceptible to termites and other pests.

But don’t panic, you can still protect your house against termites while enjoying the benefit of a nice breeze. You may achieve it by adding a screen to your door. Even if the door is open, your home will be protected round-the-clock. Additionally, it won’t block fresh air from entering your home.

Door screens are great summertime accessories. Additionally, they are affordable, so they may also help you save a little money.

Allow the Sun to Enter Your Home to Prevent Termites

Make sure you have windows open so that the sun may enter your house. Move your curtains aside till your home is sufficiently lit. Keep your windows open for at least an hour in the summer so that sunshine can enter your rooms; this will ward off termites as well as other diseases and bacteria. Since most bugs and termites cannot survive in high temperatures, they won’t be able to damage your furniture. You may also place your plants or the damaged item in direct sunshine and periodically wipe or treat your furniture with termite prevention spray.


What attracts termites in the house?

Termites will obviously enter your home to feast on wood but they are also drawn in by moisture.

What smell do termites hate?

Termites hate the smells of geranium, cedarwood, and tea tree oil.

What do termites hate the most?

Termite despises sunlight and heat.

What kills termites instantly?

Termites can be killed instantly with direct heat.

Can I spray for termites myself?

You can most definitely spray termites yourself but there is no guarantee that you’ll be able to kill them all by that.

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