How to Determine If You Need Drain Field Replacement for Your Septic System

Kennith Bogan

Sudden plumbing problems can happen with septic systems but it is more often a gradual increase in noticeable symptoms. Knowing what to look for and how to handle the situation will help you keep your plumbing in optimal shape.

Interior Signs of a Drain Field Problem

Experiencing serious problems with the drain fields of your septic system will become increasingly noticeable inside the home. You will gradually notice that it takes longer for water to go down the drain. Flushing the toilet might involve hearing gurgling noises. You will eventually end up with water refusing to drain, leading to a plumbing emergency requiring immediate service.

Exterior Signs of a Drain Field Problem

Signs on the exterior of your home that you are experiencing a drain field problem is patches of grass that are remarkably greener than the overall coverage. A strong sewage odor is another sure sign. Pooling water is another indication. The water can contain germs and bacteria that cause life-threatening illness.

What Can Happen If the Drain Field Fails

A complete failure of your drain field will render your plumbing unusable. The drains will not empty out water and your sewage can begin to back up into your home. It can cause raw sewage to collect on the surface of your property. It becomes a quick health hazard that has to be remedied quickly.

Drain Field Inspection

Failure of your drain field is not something that can be predicted, but incorporating an annual inspection as part of routine maintenance will catch problems before they become serious. You can add years to the life of your drain field.

Drain Field Replacement

When the need arises, utilize experienced, experts in drain field replacement Orlando like American Septic. Septic system specialists will help design a replacement drain field that provides the safe removal of water from your system that matches your septic system use. You can feel confident that the problems are resolved right away.

The drain field for your septic system is just as important as the tank. It allows for the continual use of your plumbing. Keeping it in good working order is essential.

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