How to Avoid Injury When Using a Circular Saw


Those who work in construction and have had training in the use of various power tools are already aware of the importance of safe use. But for DIYers, accidents often occur because they have not used the machine properly. Take a circular saw as an example. This powerful cutting tool can effortlessly cut through a variety of materials, including timber and metal; it would have no problems cutting through skin and bone. Accidents with a circular saw often occur due to improper use, but with some care and attention these can usually be avoided. To that end, below are a few things you can do to prevent injury. 

How to Prepare for Use

Before you start cutting with a circular saw, you need to make sure that there are no missing, loose, or cracked parts. Give the saw a complete check and tighten anything that is loose. Be sure to have the correct diamond saw blades for the machine you are using. The good folk at Devour Tools ( advise checking the user manual for recommendations regarding the correct size of blade to use. Make sure that the retracting blade guard is operating freely and that it opens and closes easily. 

You will also need to ensure that you are wearing the right protective equipment before you begin. At the very least, you should have a pair of safety goggles, but a face shield may be more appropriate. If you don’t have a face shield, wear a face mask to prevent dust inhalation. 

During Use

Keep an eye on the retracting blade guard during operation to ensure that it is opening and closing as it should. If it is sticking, turn the machine off and check to make sure there is nothing caught inside, like sawdust for example. 

If you need to change the blade during use, make sure that it has stopped spinning and that you have disconnected the machine from the power supply. You should also give the blade time to cool down before you touch it to avoid a nasty burn. 

Never force the saw when cutting, and under no circumstances should you hold the retracting lower guard open while cutting. 

Hold the saw firmly with two hands and never place your hand behind the saw when it is cutting something. There is always the risk of the blade bending and the saw shooting backwards. If your hands are there, you could end up with a serious injury. When running the saw, be sure to stand to the side of it instead of directly behind.

Allow the blade to get to top speed before you begin cutting. Failure to do this can result in a kickback that could end up causing a significant injury. 

Keep your feet firmly on the ground when cutting with a circular saw. Avoid over-reaching and lifting your feet up as this makes the chances of losing your balance much higher. 

Make sure the blade cutting depth is set properly. If you set it too short, the blade will not cut right through the material. If it is too long though, there is a risk that the blade could bend while it is rotating, which could then increase the risk of a kickback. 


Operating a circular saw requires care and attention. It is important to prepare beforehand by checking the machine and fitting the right blade. You will also need to wear the appropriate protective equipment and operate the tool as per the manufacturer’s guidelines. Careless use increases the risk of injury and, potentially, even death.

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