Dust Suppression Mist and Fog Systems by Koolfog

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Koolfog labored with Republic Services to introduce dust suppression mist and fog techniques into their Huntington Beach Transfer Station (TS) and Supplies Recovery (Recycling) Facility (MRF) properties to decrease the probable for fugitive dust emissions attributed to their operations. Fugitive Dust is “particulate matter” (PM) air pollution from small sound (occasionally liquid) particles floating in the air. Fugitive dust frequently happens on perform internet sites that can develop occupational well being and industrial hazards.

Most States have set restrictions and systems to reduce the launch of industrial airborne dust and emissions. These regulations aid mitigate challenges related to community worry, human health and fitness and protection and stay away from even further problems that could direct to federal government fines, prospective for financial gain reduction, and ongoing resistance within locale communities where industrial recycling and waste administration plants reside. Investing in protecting products and preventative answers to tackle fugitive dust consist of indoor alternatives such as Koolfog’s dust suppression mist and fog technique.

Koolfog’s Dust Suppression Mist and Fog Devices in Action

Dust Suppression Mist and Fog SystemsMist and fog techniques use large-tension pumps to atomize h2o generating an ambiance that is composed of droplets that have an average diameter of close to 10-20 microns. In result, dust particles are absorbed by the fog droplets and fall to the ground. Koolfog uses a “positive displacement” pump to generate pressures in excess of 1000 psi. Fog nozzles, made especially for measurement of spot, h2o utilization, and velocity, have an opening not considerably much larger than the width of a human hair. The mist and fog nozzles develop these micron sized droplets to competently capture dust particulate matter that would in any other case escape into the air.

Doing the job with Corporations to Reduce Fugitive Dust Inside of Communities

To handle the have to have to management fugitive dust at Republic’s Huntington Beach front amenities, Koolfog was challenged with applying a fugitive dust suppression solution to accommodate each entry/exit doorways and independent functioning spaces. Koolfog labored with Facilities Builders to design a sturdy, scalable, and automated approach to seize particulate matter inside of the bordering environment. In Republic’s scenario, the management of fugitive dust was made to work with the structures beneath “negative pressure” to circulate outside air inward to move into the making entrances and exhausting via stacks that operate along with principal tipping flooring dust suppression mist and fog programs.

Koolfog’s Oasis pump was introduced to aid misting strains and nozzles on the vertical side of all the doors. This completed the will need to seize particles prior to they escaped into the outside atmosphere. The placement also permitted for the mist to be observed by outside observers, serving as a visual cue to signal that Republic was taking actions to mitigate this threat. Inside the structures, dependent on workload and functions, 3 various zones were being identified to gain from Koolfog’s dust suppression mist and fog techniques. A Koolfog Atacama pump was positioned on the flooring, created for its scalability and its regulate interface which effortlessly allowed for servicing supervisors to open up and close zones at diverse occasions.

According to Marcos Chavez, Recycling Servicing Supervisor, Republic Products and services, “Koolfog devices have done to anticipations and undoubtedly provide their reason to assist us maintain our local community ecosystem clean up.”

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