3 Unique Ways to Dress Up Your Cabin

Kennith Bogan

A cabin retreat is always an unforgettable experience. Whether it’s from enjoying the beautiful scenery or getting trapped in a storm, you’re sure to make some great memories. Renting or owning, beautifying the place you’re staying is always a bonus to these experiences. Here are three unique ways to dress up your cabin that can really make it shine.

1. Sheets

This one is especially for those who are just renting a cabin for some length of time. Not only will a fresh pair of bedsheets help to give you the comforts of home even when out in the woods, they’re probably a lot more sanitary than sheets that have been sitting around just waiting for someone else to use them. Just remember to take them back when you leave.

2. Pictures

While it might not seem necessary for some, hanging pictures in a cabin you expect to spend a good amount of time in can really make the experience feel more personal. Just a few here and there to remind you of where you came from can fight off that initial sense of homesickness that some experience. It also helps things feel a bit more like you while you stay there.

3. Rugs

Given there’s no guarantee how clean the floors might be in a cabin, rugs are a good way to make things a little more sanitary. Even if it’s your cabin or you trust the cleanliness of where you’re staying, having a little bit of floor covering to keep things slightly warmer can just be nice. And, sure, there’s always that temptation to have one of those big cabin rugs with a bear head on it in front of the fire. That’s also a good reason to bring rugs with you.

A cabin vacation can be quite nice, though the decor in a rented or the emptiness of one just bought sure isn’t. Spruce things up a little with these three functional ways to decorate practically.

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