What Are Eaves, Flashing & Other Terms Used In Roofing Estimates?

Kennith Bogan

Roofing is not some thing most people today believe about, until finally there is a challenge that is. As a outcome, most house owners typically really don’t completely fully grasp the estimates roof contractors hand them, leaving them open up to unscrupulous folk who may perhaps choose gain of this being aware of they wouldn’t know the variance.

Naturally we cannot reveal all the things about your roof in a one write-up, but possessing at the very least some know-how of your roofing technique can help you fully grasp your roof problem, and any ensuing estimate, additional plainly. Finding out just a number of of the phrases made use of can guide you enormously in earning an knowledgeable selection when it is time to communicate to the pros.

The following are a few, widespread roofing conditions to know in get to support you comprehend the distinctive elements of your roof and some of the expert services roofing contractors may perhaps give when they give you an estimate:


Most folks know what roof shingles are. They are the personal, overlapping, commonly rectangle aspects that deal with most residential roofs from the bottom edge and up. They are built from various resources this sort of as slate, asphalt-saturated mat protected with aggregate (asphalt shingles), wood and from time to time even concrete or clay. Available in a assortment of shades and models, these are what most regular residential roofs in Metro Atlanta consist of.

Leak Barriers

Leak limitations are watertight seals we place on the most susceptible locations of your roof normally about valleys, eaves, vent pipes, chimneys, flashing, and other places. Mainly any spot additional vulnerable to leaks.

Roof Deck

The roof deck is the area of your roof, below the shingles and underlayment, (typically plywood or oriented strand board (OSB)) to which roofing elements are applied.

Roof deck security is in essence referring to making use of components this sort of as a fiberglass felt or a synthetic underlayment to insert an extra layer of defense amongst the shingles and roof deck avoiding problems from rain, ice, wind and/or humidity make up.

Attic Air flow

Attic ventilation refers to how nicely air and moisture is circulating in your attic and is a person of the most important aspects of a roofing process. Correct attic air flow should hold air circulating all through the attic calendar year all around, preventing humidity create-up and cutting down vitality prices. Symptoms of lousy attic air flow include moisture buildup in the dwelling and/or attic often mimicking a roof leak!


Fundamentally the horizontal least expensive edge of sloped roofs, generally exactly where gutters are set up.


Flashing is a weatherproofing element of roofs. Principally comprised of sheet metallic, flashing is set up alongside areas inclined to leakage this kind of as all over breaks in a shingled roof-line or all-around chimneys (stepflashing), skylights, or other spots. Installed correctly, they should not be observed and will seal exposed places blocking humidity from getting into your residence.


Asphalt-centered rolled elements built to be installed below the primary roofing material for additional protection.

If you have any thoughts about these roofing terms or other individuals, Question! Knowing much more about your roof will help you navigate roofing estimates as nicely as serving to you not get ripped off by a person who can take benefit of people’s ignorance. Knowledge is electricity!

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