Today’s Homeowner Radio Show | March 12, 2022

Kennith Bogan

This week, we talk about taking away a stone fire mantel and how to fix broken window slats.

In this week’s radio present, we’re talking about repairs and removals!

Getting rid of a Stone Fireplace Mantel

Use warning when eradicating a weighty, stone fire mantel. (Photograph courtesy of Lisa Dylina)

Lisa Dylina in Vero Beach, Fla., is thinking how tricky it would be to take away a stone fire mantel and substitute it with a wooden 1. 

To get rid of this significant stone, you want to use a sledgehammer to bump it up and loosen it from the tile. Check out utilizing a infant sledgehammer, as it will be a lot more workable for this indoor project.

After you bump the mantel with the sledgehammer, and it’s unfastened adequate that you can see a crease concerning the mantel and tile, use a chisel to different it wholly. 

You are going to definitely require another person to help you with this so you don’t injure your self although removing the mantel.

In addition, use a piece of plywood and a drop cloth to guard the wall and fireside, in situation you drop the stone mantel.

Keep in mind when getting rid of the corbels, the tile guiding them could be weakened and not presentable afterward.

So, whatever wood supports or corbels you put in next will need to have to cover that very same footprint or larger to hide the damage.

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Fixing Damaged Trim in a Double-Pane Window 

These broken slats are virtually difficult to fix without the need of eradicating a pane of glass. (Image courtesy of Tracy Ammons)

Two vinyl trim parts have come to be detached inside of Tracy Ammons’ 50 %-round double-pane window.

So, how can he get this trim back again in location?

The company possibly mulled the windows collectively and put in them as a person device. You would want to get hold of the maker for mend.

Cannot bear in mind exactly where you bought the windows? No difficulty! You normally can see the manufacturer’s title etched in the corner of the glass. 

If you nevertheless can not obtain the producer, this issue can be preset. Just get in touch with a glazier this is the official title of another person who matches glass into home windows and doorways.

They can see if there is a way to get in there to take care of the damaged slat. If the window is sealed, they would have to eliminate the inside pane, resolve the slats, and replace the window.  

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Ridding a Pool Deck of Mold and Mildew

A pool gives the perfect setting for mildew and mildew to sort. (Image courtesy of Bobby Cleveland)

Bobby Cleveland from LaGrange, Ga., stress washes his pool decking every single two decades — only to have it taken around by mildew and mildew once more and once more.

Now, he’s seeking for a everlasting option to continue to keep this floor clear for yrs to come. And he’s arrive to the ideal place for information simply because we can undoubtedly aid! 

Initially, stress clean the pool decking applying a round concentrated washer. Consider using an industrial item like Envirosafe Algae and Mildew Cleaner.

Then, make it possible for it to dry and use a masonry sealer. Attempt an industrial choice like Trojan Masonry and Concrete Sealer. This is obvious, pretty inexpensive and will not modify the seem of the concrete or make it slippery.

Use a single mild coat of the masonry sealer more than the surface area with a garden sprayer. Then apply a next and third coat. This will stop the h2o from soaking into the concrete. 

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