The Functional Art of Clocks

Kennith Bogan

Although many people hate the sound of their alarm clock, listening to melodic bells ring out the hour tend to create interest in time-telling. From extravagant cuckoo clock originating in Germany to the classic or contemporary home design of Pendulux clocks, there is actually a group for those in love with literal timepieces. The National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors is a unique but insightful group that can answer any question you may have about clocks.

Trek Through Time

If the complexities of cogs, wheels and tick-tocking intrigue you, perhaps the vacation of a lifetime would include an around-the-world tour of the most famous clocks on earth. Not only do these classic wonders still accurately really the time, but they have also become iconic architectural representations of time-periods gone by.

Some of the more famous clock structures are found around Europe. It is would be impossible to think of London without the famed Big Ben. However, few realize that the actual tower housing the giant ticker is called Elizabeth Tower and it is the third largest free-standing clock tower in the world! For an introduction into medieval memorabilia, the Prague Astronomical Clock in the Czech Republic is the oldest astronomical clock in the world that still works.

North American Wonders

Even the US and Canada have their fair share of impressive clock towers. Philadelphia City Hall, located in the city where it is named, is home to a clock tower that was once considered the tallest building in the world. What makes it famous are the four clocks each measuring 26 feet in diameter. Canada follows with its own impressive display of time-telling, with the Peace Tower in Ottawa replacing the former Victoria Tower which burned down in 1916.

Depending on your perspective, you can either waste time looking at these magnificent and beautifully designed clocks or you can invest in a timeless memory. Either way, it’s an interesting event to have an antique keep a current time.

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