Summer/Winter: Delicately Embroidered Wallpapers from Fayce Textiles

Kennith Bogan

“Pared-down, minimalist landscapes impressed by daydreams and little by little unfolding days”: That is how Kim Rosen, the designer behind Massachusetts-based mostly Fayce Textiles, describes her new embroidered wall coverings. The 1st, Summer season, evokes the season’s peach-hued mild and “warm days that bit by bit roll into heat summer months nights.” Wintertime, on the other hand, feels like “looking out onto broad stretches of snowy fields.”

Which would you pick?

Photography by Chattman Images, courtesy of Fayce Textiles.

Summer time

the summer embroidered wall covering.
Earlier mentioned: The Summertime Embroidered Wall Covering. “My initially grade report card mentioned: ‘She stares out the window and twirls her hair too substantially,’” Kim writes on Instagram. “As an avid daydreamer, my intention was to develop landscapes that invite viewers to use their imaginations, to speculate and to daydream by themselves.”
a closeup of the textural wall coverings. summer features coral and teal thread 10
Earlier mentioned: A closeup of the textural wall coverings. Summer months characteristics coral and teal thread stitched onto a pure Paperweave qualifications.


and the winter embroidered wall covering. 11
Previously mentioned: And the Winter season Embroidered Wall Covering.
summer and winter both feature scatterings of trees and their shadows. 12
Earlier mentioned: Summer time and Wintertime both equally aspect scatterings of trees and their shadows.
winter is embroidered with black thread on white paperweave. 13
Previously mentioned: Wintertime is embroidered with black thread on white Paperweave.

For a sample or to inquire, head to possibly Summer or Wintertime.

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