STYROFOAM Brand Foam and Concrete Mix: A Sustainable Alternative to Today’s Building Materials

Kennith Bogan

The construction trade has, for years, sought to find more innovative ways of building sustainably. One recent development is mixing STYROFOAM brand foam with concrete. The output has proven to produce numerous benefits for the builders, the occupants and of course, the environment.

In order for STYROFOAM to be used in this manner, it first needs to be made into small beads. STYROFOAM balls may also be used. This is then used as an aggregate substitute for crushed stone, sand or gravel that are often used in regular concrete.

Many builders find that this mixture is easy to work with and using it can simplify some parts of the construction process. The foam forms aren’t removed after pouring the concrete and allow the recommended curing time, which enables it to gain maximum strength. It requires minimal interior finishing and has smaller structural support needs as well. This STYROFOAM and concrete mixture can then be used in walls, floors and ceilings.

STYROFOAM brand foam has high R-value or level of thermal resistance, making it the perfect insulator. By mixing this with concrete, it can help significantly in insulating a building or house during hot and cold seasons. The mixture is lightweight, yet exceptionally durable and structurally sound, making for comfortable and safe living conditions.

Mixing STYROFOAM with concrete is also an excellent way of recycling this material, as using it in construction projects keeps it out of landfills and incinerators. Using STYROFOAM in building can go a long way in promoting sustainability and environmental responsibility.

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