Smart Scent Diffusers for a Fresh and Fragrant Home

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These intelligent aromatic devices will have your house smelling its best at all times

The battle for a fresh-smelling home is an unrelenting struggle. By the time you realize you need to light a candle, you’ve already lost.

Fortunately, smart technology has found a solution—automated scent diffusers that will keep your home smelling fine and fragrant 24/7, even if you forget to take out the trash.

Here are our picks for intelligent aromatic devices.


This Wi-Fi-connected wall plug-in is an unobtrusive way to keep average-sized rooms smelling great all day long—and it comes with a whole lot of smart features. Using the accompanying app, Pura owners can easily set scenting schedules, adjust scent intensity, activate Away Mode, and even switch between the two scent canisters housed within the device. Pura will even help users identify the perfect scent for them with a “find your fragrance” quiz on its website. And, best of all, it’s pet and kid friendly.

The Pura device is available for $44 with individual scent canisters retailing for around $12.


The smart scent diffuser you’ll be happy to display in your home. Aera offers a standalone diffuser (medium-to-large sized rooms) and a wall plug-in diffuser (small-to-medium sized rooms), both with the same elegant and artful design. But Aera is more than just a pretty face—it’s packing some intelligence, too. Aera users can activate, schedule and alter intensity on the Wi-Fi-enabled device from anywhere in the world with the Aera app, and can even provide verbal commands to the diffuser, thanks to Amazon Alexa-compatibility.

The Aera Diffuser is available for $199 and the Aera Diffuser Mini is available for $95, with individual scent canisters, designed by master perfumers, retailing for $60.


The brains of the bunch, the AIRIA Smart Home Fragrance system has really embraced the science behind scent diffusion. Looking something like a smart speaker, the AIRIA provides owners with a range of smart, connected features, via the Amazon Alexa app or voice control, including the ability to adjust scent intensity, alter ambient light color and brightness, and receive automated low fragrance level notifications. But where the AIRIA really shines is in its trademarked SmartJet technology, which allows the device to disperse “lighter than air” micro-droplets that travel with your home’s natural airflow to provide a consistent scent profile through your property.

The AIRIA Smart Home Fragrance Starter Kit is available for $250, with Scent Bundle packs retailing for $105.

Museum360 XL

Looking for a truly set-it-and-forget it scenting experience? Invest in the Museum360 XL by Aroma360. This robust device connects directly to your home’s HVAC system, allowing users to easily and efficiently scent their entire property without the use of sprays. With high amounts of cold-filtered air and air pressure to diffuse your pre-selected fragrance oil and your home’s ventilation system, the Museum360 XL disperses a dry mist of nano particles throughout your property, ensuring a consistent scent profile in every part of the house. Owners can control scenting via the Museum360’s internal digital timer, or by using the fan feature on their smart thermostat, as the device is connected to the HVAC, ensuring that the only time you need to interact with the device physically is when you are replacing the scent bottle.

The Museum360 XL is available for $1,499.

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