Should You Turn Your House Into a Bed and Breakfast?

Kennith Bogan

Bed and breakfast businesses are becoming all the rage nowadays. Worldwide, there are literally millions of homes being turned into B&Bs in order for the owner to rake in some much-needed dough. However, because you’re essentially your own self-employed business owner, you are responsible for the entirety of your company and its growth. Many homeowners are choosing to go with a professional like an airbnb manager to change the way they run things.

Benefits of B&B Businesses
One of the major benefits to turning your home into a bed and breakfast is that it helps to bring in quite a significant income. It’s not uncommon to make thousands a month just by taking in a few people a week because they will be getting charged per night they stay there. Another benefit to establishing a business like this is that you get to meet new people all the time. It’s great for homeowners who like to meet different individuals and hear their stories. Plus, you own your home and pay its mortgage all the time anyway, so you might as well put the house to good use and make it earn money for you.

How to Set One Up
It is important to consider keeping the bed and breakfast portion of your home separately from the rest of your living quarters. This is especially critical if you have kids and don’t necessarily want strangers sleeping in the next room over from your children. Whether you make the basement area a small bed and breakfast or have a separate building on the property, there are a variety of ways to divide your home from the business. You’ll also need to work with a B&B manager if you don’t plan on running the company yourself.

Things to Know About the World of Hospitality
The world of hospitality isn’t without its challenges. In fact, you’ll have a totally different set of issues than other company owners. For instance, some of your guests may show up or get drunk while staying with you. Some guests might be too loud and annoy you, your family and other guests. Others may not pay to stay there and you’ll find they leave you high and dry in the morning before you can apprehend them. It’s important to understand all of these potential scenarios and know how to handle each in a professional manner.

Raking in the Cash
As with any other type of business, you can’t expect to turn your house into a B&B and start making thousands right off the bat. You’ll need to market, advertise and use the internet to get the word out that you’re even open. If you’re utilizing a bed and breakfast management company, they’ll generally do this work for you, but you’ll still need to market locally so that people are interested in your brand. Bed and breakfast homes take awhile to become established but, once they do, you can make a decent living off of your income from them.


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