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Cool wall shelves can add visual interest and storage space in any room of the home. Find your favorites in this list of unique shelves and a few to build too. 

Before you add those shelves to your walls try putting up shiplap, painting a herringbone accent wall or create a faux wallpaper look.

Gorgeous Mid Century Modern Cool Wall Shelves featured on SGPH 2019 House 21 AJ Construction

Saint George 2019 House 21 AJ Construction, photo by Remodelaholic

Wall Shelves to Buy

There are so many great shelves around to buy. They come in all shapes, sizes, and finishes. And we’ve done the work for you! Check out our favorite cool wall shelves.

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  1. Modern Floating Picture Shelf in White – Amazon
  2. Rustic Metal and Wood Floating Shelves in 4 colors – Amazon
  3. Black Modern Floating Picture Shelf – Amazon
  4. Thick Wood Floating Shelf – Amazon
  5. Floating Metal and Wood Shelves with Towel Bar – Amazon
  6. Three Tier Wall Shelf – Wayfair
  7. Tressie Rustic Tiered Wall Shelf – Wayfair
  8. Treyvon Industrial Wall Shelves – Wayfair
  9. Crossed Metal and Wood Shelves – Wayfair
  10. Metal Grid and Wood Shelves – Wayfair
  11. Column Wall Shelf – Wayfair
  12. White Wall Shelf – Wayfair
  13. Rustic Wooden Wall Shelves – Wayfair
  14. Diamond Shaped Shelf – Wayfair
  15. Three Piece Metal Gold Square Shelf Set – Wayfair
  16. Metal Frame Shelf – Wayfair
  17. Round Metal and Wood Shelf – Wayfair
  18. Geometric Wall Shelf – Wayfair
  19. Metal Three Piece Shelf Set – Wayfair
  20. Rustic Hanging Shelves – Wayfair
  21. Gray Triangular Ledge Shelf – Wayfair
  22. Oval Wall Shelf with Basket – Wayfair
  23. Hexagon Wall Shelf Set – Wayfair
  24. Hanging Rope Wall Shelf – Wayfair
  25. Wood and Gold Shelf – Wayfair
  26. Industrial Tall Wall Shelf – Wayfair
  27. Bentley Wall Shelf Set of Two in Four Finishes – Wayfair
  28. Hearth and Hand Industrial Rustic Wall Shelf – Target
  29. Opalhouse Decorative Wall Shelf – Target
  30. White and Gold Shelves – Target
  31. Wall Mounted Shelf Set – Walmart
  32. Triangle Floating Wall Shelf – Walmart
  33. Geometric Tier Shelf – Target
  34. Triple Cubby Shelf – Target
  35. Antique Brass Oval Shelf – Walmart
  36. Vintage Gray Wood Wall Shelf – Walmart
  37. Round Metal Shelf – Target
  38. Wave Shelf in lots of colors – Walmart
  39. Wall Shelf and drying rack combo – Target
  40. Natural and Ivory Wall Shelf – Target
  41. Round Hanging Storage Shelf – Overstock
  42. Mid-Century Modern Shelves – Overstock
  43. Rustic X shelves – Overstock
  44. White and Gold Geometric Shelf – Overstock
  45. Diamond Corner Shelf – Overstock
  46. Magazine or Book Shelf – Overstock
  47. Galvanized Metal Tiered Shelf – Overstock
  48. Arrow Shelf – Overstock
  49. Tiered Geometric Wall Shelf – Overstock
  50. Modern Metal Gold Shelves – Overstock
  51. Boho Wood Shelf – Overstock

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Wall Shelves to Build

We love to build things around here too, so it wouldn’t be fair to not feature cool wall shelves to build too. And the good news is, most of these are fairly certain DIY projects.

  1. Floating Rope Shelves
  2. Leaning Plywood Shelf
  3. Pocket Shelves
  4. Reversed Bracket Shelf
  5. Corner Shelf
  6. Rustic Farmhouse Shelves
  7. Geometric Display Shelves
  8. Drawer Shelves

How to Style and Use in the Home

I can’t say it enough, but cool wall shelves can be used in practically any room. See how some of these shelves have been styled and used in different spaces.

Laundry Room Shelf with drying rack featured on's Cool Shelves to BuySLPH 2018 Home 5 Regal Homes (307)

Salt Lake Parade of Homes 2018 Home 5 Regal Homes, photo by Remodelaholic

The laundry room, a place that always needs shelves for laundry essentials, but this one has a special trick, it folds out to be a drying rack, how cool!

Photo Ledges and shelves for cool wall shelves ideas featured on SGPH 2019 House 22 SunRiver Construction, LC (55)

Saint George Parade of Homes 2019 House 22 SunRiver Construction, LC, photo by Remodelaholic

Offices are great for adding picture ledges. Mix in photos and prints for a fun look. Picture ledges can be a great alternative to a gallery wall. Hang a shelf, then rearrange the photos on the ledge until they look how you like.

Cool Wall Shelves in the kitchen, floating and open, featured on SGPH 2019 House 20 Split Rock Fine Homes, Inc (20)

Saint George Parade of Homes 2019 House 20 Split Rock Fine Homes, Inc, photo by Remodelaholic

Floating shelves are so trendy in kitchens right now. They give an open airy look and can be used for some pretty storage or to add greenery.

Pretty Open Floating Shelves in the Kitchen styled and cool, featured on Remodelaholic.comSGPH 2019 House 09 Sullivan Homes, LLC (43)

Saint George Parade of Homes 2019 House 09 Sullivan Homes, LLC, photo by Remodelaholic

Create a dramatic effect with a large geometric wall shelf, they work great in living rooms, bedrooms, over desks in an office.

Unique and cool wall shelves and styling ideas featured on RemodelaholicSGPH 2019 House 28 Diamond B Builders (19)

Saint George Parade of Homes 2019 House 28 Diamond B Builders, photo by Remodelaholic

Bathrooms are also a great space to add some floating shelves above a toilet for extra storage and use of that space. Where is your favorite space to add cool wall shelves?

Looking for even more DIY wall shelves? Check out these wall shelf tutorials, 5 tips for building a floating shelf, and even how to build a recessed shelf.

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