Reimagining Fog Features in a Post-Pandemic World

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fog feature dilworth plaza

Award-winning Dilworth Park Plaza Undertaking Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – Photograph Courtesy Koolfog, Inc.

The wellbeing of our world and the landscapes we construct upon its earth have lengthy been issue to discussions relating to sustainability, conservation, and environmental influence. COVID-19 has speedily accelerated how we look at and interact with our environment and the pandemic has motivated reflection on how we can design community areas with h2o and fog attributes that can gain culture in the upcoming.

This pandemic has challenged our social behaviors as we have had to isolate and social length. Acquiring open space, especially in urban configurations, has turn into basic in providing a balance for nurturing each our physical and mental wellness. When outdoor exploration has been inspired for workout and contemporary air, we can not forget the human have to have for relationship with mother nature and its things as an crucial component of our psychological effectively-currently being.

fog feature jardin aga khan

Jardin Aga Khan (Aga Kahn Yard) Alberta, Canada – Photograph Courtesy Koolfog, Inc.


Submit-Pandemic Landscape Architecture and Innovation

Famed Central Park landscape designer, Frederick Regulation Olmsted saw this similar will need subsequent New York City’s cholera public health disaster. “He advocated for the therapeutic powers of parks, which he believed could act like urban lungs as ‘outlets for foul air and inlets for pure air.’” The outcome, a digital “green” island featuring massive open up areas, trees, lush foliage, grassy knolls, ponds, walking paths, bridges, and water features positioned in the middle of the city’s concrete landscape. Currently, Central Park stays a haven for urban dwellers and is deemed by quite a few to be the coronary heart of the town.

In a similar manner, 2020 has turned our collective attention to how our infrastructure and outside environments can be designed to assure general public health and fitness goals, necessitating a comprehensive strategy that brings together best design and style methods and concepts with innovation and creativity.

General public health and fitness resiliency is a multi-faceted obstacle impacting basic health care, environmental, economic, and administration issues. According to Robert Mikula, OALA, CSLA, ASLA Director of Creative Layout & Landscape Architect, Crystal Fountains

“These points aren’t mutually special. Public well being resiliency involves our skill to search for means to adapt to a “new normal” without compromising psychological and bodily properly-staying, sustainability, conservation and most effective tactics. Transferring ahead, we will have to feel of public h2o characteristics in a diverse gentle. They can serve a sensible goal as perfectly as entertain.”


Position Des Canotiers Quebec City, Canada – Photography by Daoust Lestage


“Fountains are definitely good for the soul” – Robert Mikula

 Historically, fountains and aqueducts ended up launched to towns not immediately positioned around a huge human body of water, later evolving into ornamental features designed to honor people today, sites, and activities placed in accumulating places these types of as community squares and parks.

Research display that the h2o ingredient, in individual, is not only regarded as a “life-source” but significantly affects the psyche. The white sounds produced from its motion is acknowledged to relaxed although water’s standard features are deemed weightless. The spatial and visual effects of fogging systems not only greatly enhance h2o functions but give cooling of surrounding spaces whilst drawing viewers into a connective encounter. Mikula agrees, “ I think water in general public spaces is significant to societies collective psychology. H2o is relative to time. It is often moving still mesmerizing at when. H2o isn’t nonetheless so it will allow us to emphasis on anything, to contemplate, to love its simplicity. I also think that h2o has a ‘playful’ variable. We, as fountain professional designers are constantly searching for the minutia of the fountain, but if you look at how individuals interact with h2o there is these an appreciation of its sheer magic. Children jumping up and down on a scrim element or splashing in a fountain while grownups near their eyes to breathe in the surrounding thoroughly clean air or wave their hands in the air to seize a fog cloud…fountains are absolutely great for the soul.


Advancing Water Feature Style With Intent

 Mikula has put in the improved portion of his vocation as a landscape architect coming up with and making drinking water parks, h2o options, and water sights. As he places it, “water is kinda attractive. Persons are quite interested in incorporating drinking water into their ideas.” But, as we glance to the potential, Mikula has further more outlined the importance of structure for how drinking water can be an ingredient for selling community health:

Use Water Things to Repurpose Areas

Drinking water factors can be used in a decentralized manner to continue to keep folks aside. Fairly than a single central ingredient, the drinking water element is intended to split up place into smaller sized areas so that gatherings around 50 are discouraged at instances. Possibly this is only activated throughout intervals of restriction. Computer applications can also develop drinking water grids with different configurations as very well as manage h2o stream to immediate or manage crowds to congregate securely.

Jardin Aga Khan (Aga Kahn Back garden) Alberta, Canada – Image Courtesy Koolfog, Inc.


Endorse Sustainable Methods
Conservation and environmental sustainability style and design tactics may perhaps be necessary. Water capabilities can be devoted means for treating municipal h2o by capturing rainwater and when drained, in principle, is handled and goes back into the municipal program. This involves a shut-loop (h2o procedure) process, which literally, will take potable drinking water from city source and operates that directly by way of the fountain jets so that it drains off. It demands no chemical remedy program, no pumps, and saves on infrastructure prices. 

Maintain Water Quality
Add Proximity Sensors, distant affect, command features as very well as endorse considerably less immediate touch by using automated, distant monitoring methods. In addition to making certain general public wellness, technological innovation will offer for fast reactions to adverse water events these kinds of as drinking water contamination. To greatly enhance sanitation prerequisites, adequately built and taken care of closed-loop fountains could maybe provide as a disinfectant software. For illustration, the attribute could integrate an interactive deck model that when activated could sanitize the surrounding community house hard surface just before operations start out each and every day. If there have been a unique general public overall health disaster party, a closed-loop method within this sort of a h2o element would have focused drinking water cure as nicely.

Restrict Economic Influence
Implement Sensible courses that can connection any attribute to a h2o and energy metering system. This can support control and management prices related to operations. Sensors and clocks to operate at decrease movement charges when people are considerably less likely to be current ought to be deemed.

fog feature cleveland medical center

CMC Cleveland Clinical Center Cleveland, Ohio – Photography by Virginia Burt


Studying Options for Cleaning the Surroundings

Incorporating fogging functions into landscapes and h2o options can alter microclimates and have beneficial implications on cleansing environment. Proving out the strategy that fog particles assists regulate airborne pathogens, very similar to dust command, will be essential components in maximizing air excellent. Crystal Fountains has labored with Koolfog, Inc., creator and maker of significant-force mist and fog units, on a number of tasks that integrate fog as visual and spatial influence. Even so, there would seem to be a consensus that the notion of “air-scrubbing” could have merit in acquiring potential answers to environmental public overall health.

Bryan Roe, President of Koolfog, Inc, points out, “Just like rain, which can draw in tens to hundreds of little aerosol particles as it falls as a result of the ambiance, a fog aspect can be as efficient, maybe a lot more helpful in trapping airborne pathogens. Fog is currently utilised in dust control applications to control dust in performing environments this sort of as squander transfer amenities, building web sites and production amenities. It is as a result very likely that the air scrubbing attributes of fog in a public room can not only aid with direct get in touch with transmission through pathogens contained in droplets but also oblique transmission by means of droplet nuclei that can be captured and brought to the floor.”

Koolfog makes tens of millions of little 1-100 μm fog particles that agglomerate with airborne particles to kind greater particles. Given that much larger particles slide out of the air considerably more rapidly than smaller sized particles, this has immediate implications to giving an “air scrubbing” goal in out of doors spaces in which airborne respiratory droplets are present. Substantially like rain droplets cleansing the ambiance as demonstrated in a 2015 review by Massachusetts Institute of Technological innovation, Section of Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences (Ardon-Dryer, K., Huang, Y.-W., and Cziczo, D. J)5 the coagulation of drinking water particles may well be extrapolated to forecast Koolfog’s potential for cleansing the air of airborne respiratory droplets.

City Centre Bishop Ranch San Ramon, California – Image Courtesy Koolfog, Inc.

“The shimmering liquid, layered in a structured pool of drinking water, is current right until it gently drains at the major of each and every hour. As the water recedes, fog seems for a programmed interactive sensory experience lasting about 10 minutes ahead of the skinny layer of water reappears. The scrim feature style has the possible to ‘scrub’ the bordering setting.” – Bryan Roe

Mikula and his associates at Crystal Fountain have actively investigated the worth of water to a spatial microclimate with regards to air good quality and their crew will proceed to look at answers and conduct investigation to far better understand the potential web constructive effect to urban areas. Mikula describes, “As drinking water element specialists, we want to acquire a leadership role in locating remedies to the a lot of problems that COVID-19 has unearthed. Our team is collaborating with critical field partners to further more identify suitable disinfectants and sanitation options that are environmentally helpful but target pathogens this kind of as SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19).”

In reimagining a long run over and above this pandemic, landscape design and style should seek out to create a balance that nurtures both of those bodily and mental well being. In addition to offering an necessary psychological connection to character, drinking water things in community spaces have the potential to contribute to society’s in general healthcare by putting emphasis on h2o functions as a community well being advantage.

About Robert Mikula
As Director of Special Assignments at Crystal, Mikula, a registered Landscape Architect, has targeted on a large array of significant-profile international h2o characteristic business initiatives all through the earth. With about 20 yrs of working experience in design and task management, he has extensive involvement with the water shaping system from conceptual improvement & tests to implementation & commissioning. As this sort of, Mikkula has overseen the design and style of drinking water outcomes, architectural water flows, drinking water feature architecture, h2o illumination and professional process styles. He is also a sought-after contributor to greater educational programs, journal articles inclusion, and guest talking engagements.


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