Readying Your Home for Upcoming Cold Weather

Kennith Bogan

A wood-burning fireplace can be a valuable asset during cold weather. Even when the electricity goes out, you can use the fireplace to keep at least one room in your home warm.

However, the warmth of the fireplace is only as strong and durable as the fixture’s overall integrity. When it becomes laden with dust and debris or prone to leaks, it becomes a hazard that is unsafe for you and your family to use. By hiring a contractor to clean it, replace the liner, and put in new gas inserts baltimore md homeowners like you can keep your chimney and fireplace in safe working order well before the cold weather arrives again.

Cleaning the Fireplace

After using your fireplace all winter long, you may notice that it has become laden with dust and debris. Ashes, soot, and remnants of wood could have accumulated not only in the bottom of the fireplace but also in the lining and stack.

Removing this debris is a challenging job for which you might be entirely ill-suited. You may not have the equipment on hand, and you also may not have any type of brush or broom that can reach all the way up the chimney’s stack.

Rather than risk your chimney’s function and safety, you can hire a sweep who can come to your house to clean it out after the long winter. This contractor can replace filters and liners while also looking for clogs like built-up ash or even bird’s nests. By the end of the day, you could have a chimney that is clean and safe to use again.

It can be critical for you to know when to hire this type of contractor to come to your home. Instead of waiting for the coldest days of winter to arrive, you can act early and call this contractor to your home during the last days of summer or first days of fall. You also may be able to take advantage of better availability as well as lower prices because you beat the rush for chimney cleaning services.

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