Professional Home Staging Experts – Top 3 Reasons Why You Need Them

Kennith Bogan

Who needs professional home staging experts? Well, if you’re serious in making your house sell fast and for the highest price possible, you’re a very likely candidate to avail of their services.

Staging a home will put more money in your pocket. The National Association of Realtors disclosed that investing in staging your home prior to having it listed in the marketplace significantly increases the total value of your property. In fact, investing about 1 to 3 percent of your home’s asking price in staging it will generate an 8 to 10 percent return on your investment. This means that you’ll have thousands of dollars more in your pocket after the sale!

Offering a staged property in the marketplace also reduces the time it sits in the market. And according to a survey conducted by the National Association of Realtors, the longer a property sits on the market, the lower its total value gets. You’ll surely be losing money if your property doesn’t sell fast.

So, how do home staging experts accomplish this extraordinary feat, especially in the light of today’s sluggish economy? Well, let’s count the ways, shall we?

Home staging experts can visualize your property’s potential and magically bring it to life! They can see your property on a fresh perspective and make experienced decisions on what to do to make your house more appealing to would-be buyers. Fittingly called the “dream weavers of the real estate world” (Forbes, 2002), these people can magically transform your house in a matter of days – making it more appealing to a lot of people.

This is very important since only 10% of home buyers can see the potential of a home. The rest can’t seem to see beyond what lies before their eyes. And that’s why most staged homes sell faster and command a better price as compared to non-staged properties and empty houses.

A staged property stands a better chance online. In today’s heavily interconnected world, more people rely on finding properties for sale on the internet before deciding to visit. So, why not attract more potential homebuyers by having good quality photos of your property? Home stagers can easily do this for you! They can turn your property, no matter how average-looking it may be, to something extra-special – something every homebuyer would love!

A staged property can effectively compete in a stiff market. With the sheer number of houses for sale on the market, every homebuyer is presented with a lot of choices. However, having your house staged can help you set it above the rest and get noticed.

Well, of course, you can always choose to stage your property the do-it-yourself way. But let’s face it, after living in your house for so long, you’ve become quite used to its flaws and imperfections, right? So, how can you see objectively? And how can you package it effectively if you can’t see it in a fresh perspective? This will be quite a challenge. And this is why more and more homeowners are turning to home staging experts to do this for them.

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