Preparing Your House, For Winter

Kennith Bogan

Homeowners must recognize, every season, brings some, specific, challenges, and obstacles, which must be addressed, wisely. In parts of the country, where the weather becomes a significant issue, in winter, because of the cold temperatures, freezing precipitation, etc, there are many wise precautions, etc., which might make home ownership, far more enjoyable, and less stressful, and tense. One must recognize, and prepare. for smart maintenance, and preventive – maintenance, minor repairs, and certain simple energy efficiencies, which might reduce stress and expenses, and enhance personal comfort and enjoyment of living there. With that in mind, this article will attempt to briefly, review, consider, and discuss, some areas, where a little preparation, is a proactive, smart way, to proceed.

1. Heating System: Smart homeowners purchase or get, a heating system contract, from their supplier, and avoid being caught, unprepared! Remember to pre – arrange this appointment, because heating companies, begin to get busy, in Fall. Call in the summer, and reserve a mutually convenient time. Some of the services provided during this appointment includes: a) checking the temperature (internal and external); b) cleaning/ replacing filters, etc; c) Having thermostats checked and adjusted, if necessary.

2. Air leaks: Check outside/ exterior entry – ways, especially around/ through doors, and windows. Is air coming in, below, or around your exterior doors? Sweeps are simple solutions, to air coming from under the door, and will significantly reduce the discomfort from the cold air. Are you windows double – pane, and are they free of air leaks, etc? Winter caulking, and other preparations, often, goes a long way!

3. Exterior walkways, pathways, patios, etc: Address minor imperfections, cracks, etc, before the weather, gets more severe and colder. Many outside materials, such as asphalt, tar, etc, undergo significant stresses, and minor cracks, often become major issues, if neglected, in advance.

4. Roof – leaders and gutters: Either, yourself, or hire someone, to remove leaves, and any other obstructions, and/ or content, from your roof, leaders, and gutters. This should be done, in late November, so most of the leaves, will have already, fallen.

5. Prune trees and bushes, etc: Prune trees, carefully, and cut back your bushes. If and when it snows, and especially, if there is an accumulation of ice, etc,, the weight is a potential catastrophe, waiting, to happen, and preparing, by making these items, safer, not only will reduce stress and tension, but, also, potential major issues.

Wise homeowners prepare, for all seasons. Winter is on the way, so proceed, wisely!

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