Preparing for Spring: Exciting Outdoor Home Upgrades to Make

Kennith Bogan

Once the cooler weather takes hold, homeowners have months of comfortable or cold weather to unwind from summer’s relentless heat waves. This is the time to make decisions regarding the exterior of the home and outdoor living areas; the cooler weather offers a comfortable work environment. Whether the homeowner wants a lower maintenance pool or a hedgerow for privacy, the cooler off season is the best time to tackle an outdoor project.

Pool Automation

Many homeowners dread having to skim and vacuum their pools. Covers offer quite a bit of help when fighting insects and debris, but the pool will still require cleaning often. Convenient automatic pool cleaners Pittsburgh make the task easier, reducing the amount of labor that the pool owner must invest to maintain a clean pool. This means there is far more time to swim and entertain during the swimming season. A self regulated pool heater is another excellent suggestion; it can keep the pool at a more comfortable temperature and extend the season.

Raised Bed Kitchen Garden

For the homeowners that are dreaming of fresh summer fruits, vegetables, and herbs, beds should be constructed during the winter. It is easiest to build beds when weed and grass growth is at a standstill. Homeowners will also have more time to plan their garden layouts based on companion planting, order seeds, have compost delivered, and perform soil tests. Thorough planning and preparation is the key to a healthy, productive garden.

Outdoor Dining Area

If the home does not have an outdoor dining area, this is a relatively simple DIY home upgrade. With a little elbow grease, homeowners can level the ground, place patio pavers or concrete, edge the dining area, and add a small kitchen area. This kitchen area might consist of a grill, an outdoor prep station, and even a pizza oven or outdoor drink cooler. Arbors and trellises can extend over the dining area, providing cool shade and a pleasant floral atmosphere if vining flower varieties are planted.

Simple, attractive outdoor home upgrades make the home more valuable, and they also increase homeowner satisfaction. With these simple ideas, a homeowner could kick back on their Jasmine-lined patio and enjoy a freshly picked salad while the pool cleans itself.

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