Prepare Your Air Conditioning Unit For Summer – Steps To Follow

Kennith Bogan

Maintaining your AC before the hot and humid summer days approach will ensure that you can enjoy cool and nice air throughout the summer. Besides, it will also prevent unexpected breaks from happening while keeping you comfortable. Like any other mechanical unit, AC units also need repair. Therefore, it is important to follow some steps to prepare it for the hot summer days. So, if you are looking for effective air conditioning repairs and maintenance tips to prepare your AC unit for summer, then we are here to help. Besides, when you choose to get those installed by expert Air Conditioning In Blacktown contractors, you will always get step-by-step assistance.
1. Replace all the filters: Changing the filters out is one of the easiest jobs to do to maintain the air conditioner unit’s efficacy. Experts often recommend replacing the filters once every year. To do this, switch off the system first and then extract and check the existing filter. The next step is to insert the new filter following the instructions.
2. Clean the coils: Winter brings a lot of trouble in our lives. For example, if you leave the Air Conditioning In Blacktown uncovered during winter, then mud, debris, and other materials would settle inside the coil and result in system holdups. Clean the air conditioner gently by using a hose in case of minimal build-up. But in the case of heavy gunk, you may need to purchase an air conditioner cleaner, designed for sediment removal, or call the contractors, who specialize in Air Conditioning Repairs and maintenance.
3. Install a programmable thermostat: The programmable thermostat will help you to enter the temperature manually along with the airflow through your house when you need it while minimizing the waste effectively and saving on the energy bill. And the best part of installing thermostats is that they are very easy to install.
4. Check and repair or replace the leaky ductwork: If air escapes through your ductwork for some reason, your AC unit will have to work almost twice as hard to compensate for the issue. So, resolving and repairing or replacing the leaky ductwork will help you to save loads of energy and money. Make sure, you inspect the ductwork regularly to find the leaks. And once you find any, seal those immediately with tapes.
5. Get rid of all the debris outside the unit: When you tend to the coils of the AC unit, do not forget to check the areas that surround your unit. Overgrown twigs, plants, leaves, and other organic matters can inhibit the performance of the AC unit. So, you have to pull up the weeds, mow the grass, and remove all the things that are blocking your unit. And once summer hits, keep an eye on the air conditioning device monthly to check the debris. This step of air conditioning repairs will also work as a defence against all the damages caused by summer storms. Also, make sure that you perform a brief inspection and cleaning the unit every time after the storm clears.


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