Make Being On Top Of Things Your Unique Selling Point

Kennith Bogan


Staying on top of things and always being organised is tough in the real estate industry. There are hundreds, if not thousands of homes and people who want to buy them, and it is difficult to keep track of it all. And you are not alone in this, because all estate agents face the same challenges.

Is there any good news in this? Yes, there is! With a simple lead management system you can turn this challenge into your very own unique selling point (USP). And that would make a great USP, because it would mean you excel at the one thing that slows down most of your competitors, and clients are sure to appreciate that.

Stay up do date while on the go

Real estate agents are always on the move. You have to drive to viewings, meetings and any number of business tasks, so you can’t have a computer with you most of the time. But with a sales lead management system that is compatible with mobile devices you can keep all your leads’ information with you at all times.

The moment a new lead comes in, you will know. If there’s an alarm set to remind you that a lead needs to be contacted, it’s in your pocket. And, best of all, your sales lead management tool will have all the necessary contact details available no matter what. Even if you somehow lose all of the contacts on your phone, you can simply log into your lead management system and retrieve the numbers you need. It’s that easy!

Time is money, so save it

You’ll know as a real estate agent that time is money. You cannot afford to waste time, because a lead will be lost if you take too long to deal with them. So having your lead tracking system notify of all new leads right away is great, because you get to access their contact info and call them back almost instantly.

With this super-speedy response you will reinforce your organised USP and draw in even more business, while also securing more of your new leads.

Your lead tracking system will also be able to measure your response times, and you can combine this data with that of your successful sales conversions to better inform your marketing and communication strategies. Now that is what I call being organised!

Don’t just take my word for it though: try out this free trial for Leadtrekker’s brilliant sales lead management tool. You can also contact them to hear straight from the source how a simple lead management system can improve your business.

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