Knowledge of Fashion Products

Kennith Bogan

Before consumers deciding which fashion products they want or should buy, they have their own knowledge and interest on which items they want to. The factors that can influence consumers to buy fashion products are various, it can be from the brand of its product, price, place, or even the quality.
For the price, you do not need to be worried, because can give you free discount codes and vouchers, so you will be able to buy any fashion products with special price. And for more knowledge about fashion products, here are some tips to understand them.
1. Understanding of fashion products
A fashion product is a product that has specific characteristics that are precise and have a trendy style in a period of time. Fashion is a sign of a time period is often fashion to develop culture, feelings, thoughts, and lifestyle. a period of time. a product is said to be “fashionable” if the products have the following characteristics:
a. consumers are willing to spend their money and energy on getting this product.
b. is a product that can increase retailer’s image and consumer traffic.
c. is a different product with similar products (in terms of style) issued by the computer.
Meanwhile, a fashion trader will see fashionable products based on the following points.
a. products oriented to the life of the surrounding community
b. products that can give pleasure to him

2. Criteria of fashion goods
Fashion goods criteria there are called with the broken goods and there are also consignment goods. Knowing the criteria of fashion products is important for consumers, because by knowing the various criteria of fashion goods, consumers can choose fashion products effectively and efficiently.

Knowledge of the product
A salesperson who plays the role of a negotiator should understand and know about products that need that
sold it. The following are presented knowledge of the product in general
need to be overpowered by salespeople:
• Information about product background,
• Product Appearance,
• Composition or mixture of components of the Product,
• The Making Process and Its Use,
• Maintenance and usage life.

1. Product background
Knowledge of the product background is minimal knowledge
which every salesperson / salesperson must master.
a. Product Characteristics
The definition of a product is everything that can be offered to the market and
can meet the needs of consumers. Consumer satisfaction is not only
refers to the physical form of the product, but a packet of satisfaction
obtained from the purchase of the product Satisfaction is an accumulation
physical, psychic, symbolic, and service satisfaction provided by

b. Classification of Products
Product management includes the development of tactics and strategies for increasing market demand through the product life cycle. One technique that is good enough to understand the product is Aspinwall Classification System.

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