How to Remove Fresh Paint Out of a Carpet

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How to Get Paint Out of Carpet - 2 Ways to Remove Paint Stains | Apartment  Therapy

Sometimes it’s required to repaint homes and offices, which regularly turns out to be messy especially when the setup being painted has a floor carpet. 

Even if the painters try to cover the floor using newspapers or tarps to prevent paints from spilling on the carpet, it’s honestly very irritating, and the spill will end up where it was not meant to be.

Here are some of the ways that can be used in getting paint out of a carpet.

Ways of Removing Wet Paints

Identifying which category, the paint is falling that will significantly help in the cleaning process. Ideally, almost all the paints fall into two categories of paints;

  • Oil-based Paint- This uses natural oils that form the base of oil-based paints, which are the most durable.
  • Water-based Paint- This uses water as its base, and this kind of paint is normally referred to as Latex Paints.
  • Acrylic-based Paint- These types of paint are toxic solvents that can be applied to a very wide range of surfaces, and usually, they are very lightfast and permanent, making the surfaces to be very flexible and strong.

How to Remove Fresh Water-Based Paint Out Of a Carpet

  • If there are latex paint on the carpet, use damp paper to blot and absorb the upper layer.
  • While trying this, the area should not be scrubbed to avoid further spread into carpet fibers.
  • Immediately after blotting, splash hot water.
  • As the spot moistens, mix warm water and dish soap to create a warm water cleaning solution.
  • Scrub the area until gentle lather appears. Scrub from the outer layer towards the center to avoid spread over a wider circumference.
  • Proceed with scrubbing until the paint slowly starts to disintegrate and please feel free to apply more soap if necessary.
  • When done cleaning the area, vacuum the spot thoroughly to avoid mold growing within the fibers.

How to Remove Fresh Oil-Based Paint Out Of a Carpet

  • For the fresh oil-based paints, pick the messed paint with a butter knife to lift the paint.
  • Avoid scrubbing bits of the paint into the carpet meaning this will be trickier to get rid of.
  • Use a white towel, white cloth, or white cotton wool in blotting up the paint and stop only when there is no more paint being lifted.
  • Dub the towel, cloth, or cotton with some turpentine and further proceed with blotting. The chemical composition of turpentine will help in losing the paint and dissolving the stain.
  • Take safety precautions for opening the doors and windows while working with turpentine.
  • To get rid of the turpentine, mix warm water with dish soap and scrub the area then use a towel, cotton, or cloth to lift any left moisture.
  • Run the vacuum over the previous, stained spot.

How to Remove Fresh Acrylic Paint Out Of a Carpet

The top secret to getting rid of acrylic paint stain on a carpet is to act faster.

  • Blotting as many acrylic paints as possible using a damp sponge or microfiber cloth.
  • Carefully Scrub from the outer layer towards the center to avoid the spread of acrylic paint over a wider circumference.
  • Clean leftover dried paint with a homemade cleaning solution 
  • Mix warm water and soap detergent and pour it directly onto the before using a towel, sponge cloth, or cotton to blot it up.
  •  When the stain comes out, use a dry towel over the yet wet area. “Weigh it so that it can absorb the moisture,” Ahoni, a home service expert, says.

Removal Using Rubbing Alcohol

Alcohol is a degreasing agent that can be used in breaking down the components of greasy stains, such as oil-based paints.

Apply a small amount of rubbing alcohol on either a white paper towel, white cloth, or cotton ball to make it a little wet. This will help in the total removal of the fresh paint stains from the carpet. It’s advised that they work their way from the stain’s outside areas towards the stain’s center to avoid spreading the stain over to a wider circumference.

The above-listed procedures have generally saved carpets for home, office, school, and hotel owners. When all these procedures of getting paint out of a carpet fail, do not hesitate to reach out to commercial carpet cleaners’ around for professional help.

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