Get Your Home Ready for Spring in Three Easy Steps

Kennith Bogan

As the cold, long nights of winter recede and are replaced by the longer, warmer days of spring, smart homeowners know it’s time to get their house and yard ready for the new season. As the weather warms up, you will probably spend more time outside enjoying the sun and less time in front of the fireplace so it makes sense that you’ll have to get your house ready. Luckily, it’s easy to get your home ready for spring in just three simple steps. Soon, your home will be brighter, warmer, and ready to welcome the beautiful blossoms of springtime and the fun times that come with them.

1. Inspect and Repair Your Exterior

Winter weather can be harsh and damaging to your home’s exterior. Take a careful look around outside of your home and check for any kind of damage. If you see any damage, make sure that you fix the problem before it gets any better, which will save you a lot of time, money, and hassle in the long run. For example, take a look at your driveway and inspect it for any cracks that were caused by extreme weather over the winter. If you find cracks or damage, call a local pro to help you take care of it. For example, if you need asphalt patching Pittsburgh PA, call a trusted company like Caruso Asphalt to help you get the job done.

2. Clean and Freshen Up Inside

There’s a reason that they call it spring cleaning, which is why you need to do it when the weather warms up. Open up all of the windows and let the air circulate around your home. Check all of your air filters and replace them if necessary. Get rid of stuff that you have accumulated over the last season and give away anything that you don’t need anymore. Give the rest of your home a thorough cleaning to get ready for any guests.

3. Plant Flowers and More

Now is the time to get your garden started. Plant fruit trees and bushes that will feed your family for years. Plant herbs that you can use to cook and flowers that can decorate your home inside and out. Mulch existing plants and find new ones to make the most of your space. Your home deserves to look its best.

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