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Everyone loves pancakes. They’re one of America’s most beloved breakfasts, after all. However, cooking up a batch of pancakes on a weekday or weekend morning for the whole family doesn’t happen that often. Usually, people don’t have the perfect pancake pan to cook with, so they use regular, smaller pans. Since you can only fit one or two pancakes at a time, your pancakes are bound to get cold while you finish the batch.

Luckily, Amazon and other retailers now sell several pancake skillet models. They’re perfect for making batches of pancakes for you and your family — free of hassle and faster now! But with so many companies out there, how do you know which is the best electric pancake griddle? They all promise to be intuitive to use, large enough for several pancakes at once, and worth the price. So which company can you trust? Which griddle should you invest in?

We’ve come up with this guide to answer all those questions. In it, we’ll be discussing the pros and cons of each model. We’ll also go over the main features of each pancake griddle and settle the case. Then, finally, we’ll pick the griddle we feel is the best skillet for pancakes.

Best Pancake Griddle or Skillet

Top 10 Pancake Griddles (Electric & Stovetop)

Why You Should Get a Pancake Skillet

Still, want to cook on the stovetop? Check out the best stovetop griddle pans.

Having to be standing up, pouring the batter on the pan and then waiting to flip each pancake isn’t anyone’s idea of a perfect Saturday morning. But sitting down and eating pancakes drenched in maple syrup, lemon and sugar, butter, or jam is!

We feel like it’s essential to create a compromise. Make the cook’s job more manageable and less frustrating while delivering the same high-quality pancakes everyone is used to.

This is where pancake griddles come in. They’ve been designed especially for pancakes, even if they can have more than one purpose. Most of the griddle pans on this list are perfect for cooking multiple breakfast foods, so you and your family can have a feast each weekend!

In addition to that, you can also use the griddle pans to make all kinds of other foods, including lunch and dinner. Most of the pancake griddles here are large enough so that you can get a handful of pancakes done in one go. Pancake griddles also heat up uniformly, making the pancakes cook through evenly.

Why wouldn’t you want one? They’re huge time savers, and they’re pretty handy! Plus, now that making pancakes has become more manageable, you can give in to those cravings even if it’s a weekday morning!

Pancake Griddle & Skillet Reviews

1. Presto 07055 Cool-Touch Electric Ceramic Griddle

Presto is one of the brands that dominate the pancake griddle market niche. They’re well-respected by customers and restaurants for having outstandingly some of the best electric griddle for pancake models for sale.

The Presto 07055 Cool-Touch is one of these models that stands out. It comes in two different sizes. You can order the twenty-inch griddle or the twenty-two-inch griddle. They both have great reviews on Amazon, and client satisfaction is high.

These two griddles are made of ceramic, which is excellent at resisting high temperatures without getting damaged. They’re both black as well. The surface is non-stick, so you won’t need to use oil to prevent burning. In addition, the sides and the front of the griddle have cool touch, so you don’t need to worry about not burning your fingers when handling the griddle.

You will also have complete control of the temperature you’re cooking with. The master heat control lets you choose if you want the griddle to be from 200 to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. The whole griddle also heats up evenly, leaving you with the best pancakes ever.


2. Presto 07061 22-inch Electric Griddle With Removable Handles

Again, the Presto brand is at the top of the client satisfaction ranking with this pancake griddle. It has a non-stick surface big enough to cook family-sized meals. A pancake breakfast has never been easier to cook! It has handles on the side, but you can remove them if you prefer. You don’t need any tools to do this.

This pancake griddle is compact and fits into most standard cupboards. They work well into any 18-inch kitchen cabinet. You can slide out the drip tray to clean the griddle, a feature many other models don’t have. The base is heavy cast rugged anodized aluminum, which makes the tray very durable and warp-proof.

Using the temperature control master, you’ll have complete control of the temperature. Simply turn it to the temperature you want to cook with, and you can start flipping your pancakes!

This also gives you better heat control, eliminating your chances of accidentally burning your food because the pan was too hot. Be sure to check out the different temperatures recommended for cooking your fold because each cooking oil tends to warm at a different temperature.

By buying this skillet, you’ll be protected by a one-year limited warranty that you can trigger.


3. Black + Decker Family-Sized Electric Griddle for Pancakes

This Black + Decker skillet is hands down one of the best griddle pans for pancakes out there. Its extra-large capacity allows you to cook up to eight items at the same time. The hot plaque measures ten inches by twenty-two inches, giving you more than enough space to work with.

It has a non-stick cooking surface that is durable and lets you flip those bad boys quickly. You won’t even have to use oil to make sure they don’t burn. This also means that your cleaning time will be cut down — who doesn’t want this?

The griddle comes with a built-in warming tray that easily slides out. You can put bacon slices or pancakes in here and keep them warm until the next batch is ready to be served. It’s easy to move food items from the hot surface to the warming tray. In addition, the drip tray also slides out smoothly. So you can dump excess grease and fat that have fallen on it during the cooking process out without much of a hassle.

Adjusting the temperature to your needs is also possible. Simply turn the knob as you please to get the right temperature going.


4. Presto 07211 Liddle Griddle

This compact, fourteen-by-eleven-inch griddle is perfect for cooking pancakes for a small family. You can even fry eggs and bacon strips to go with your breakfast of champions. The cooking surface is made of non-stick, cast hard adonized aluminum material. This makes it easy to flip the pancakes and easy to clean. It’s also very durable and warping-proof.

Whenever you want to clean this griddle, you’ll have an easier time than you would clean a regular skillet. Simply slide out the dripping tray to eliminate any excess fat and grease that have dripped onto the tray.

The temperature control panel lets you regulate the temperature of the cooking surface. It will keep the temperature stable, regardless of which one you choose. For example, you can turn the knob from warm to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

It’s entirely safe for use. It also comes adapted for North American electrical standards and plugs.


5. Presto 07072 Slimline Griddle

The last item on our list is the Presto Slimline Griddle. Once again, it’s been made by a highly trusted company that manufactures electric kitchen gadgets. This one is perfect for every large family as it has enough room to grill up to ten food items. You can make eggs, french toast, and fried bacon strips in addition to pancakes.

No food item will stick to the cooking surface. The non-stick heavy cast material is excellent at not letting things burn. You can also expect it to be warp-proof and to last you a very long time. It will be an appliance that will pay itself back in a year. Plus, you can easily store it in most kitchen cupboards without it getting damaged.

The temperature control master keeps the temperature stable and cooks everything evenly. You can adjust it to however much you want. You’ll get the best quality grilled foods with this pancake skillet. Weighing less than 9 pounds, it’s a griddle worth considering.


Best Griddle Pans for Pancakes

1. BELLA Electric Ceramic Titanium Griddle

Another one of the most highly-reviewed pancake griddles is this one by Bella. It features a 1,500-watt heating system with cool touch grip handles.

There is also a built-in ledge with a backstop for easy pancake flipping. In addition, it provides plenty of heat distribution and heat retention to make sure your food is cooked all the way through. Finally, there is an easy-to-use dial that allows for temperature control.

In addition, it has a ceramic nonstick surface coating that is eight times more durable than the average coating and cooks 30 times faster than regular nonstick coatings. The coating is also reinforced with titanium to provide strength and scratch resistance.

The surface is quite large, enabling you to cook ten eggs at once, so you can make a lot for the whole family.


2. Cuisinart Double Burner Griddle

Cuisinart Double Burner Griddle

Here is another choice for the best griddle. Cuisinart is one of the best brands on the market for kitchen appliances of all kinds, so there’s no surprise that it has also made our list here.

With a double burner griddle, you will be able to make more food at once, using the same energy as two burners on a gas stove. So, that means the size of this Cuisinart double burner griddle is large, allowing you to cook more foods at once.

This Cuisinart double burner griddle features a tri-ply design for better heat distribution and a nonstick coating on the interior. It also has stainless steel grip handles that stay cool even when you’re cooking.

The heat surround technology provides even heat distribution along the griddle side and base. Unlike a lot of griddle pans, this Cuisinart one is dishwasher safe. You also can use it with an induction cooktop.


3. Le Creuset Toughened Nonstick Pro Crepe Pan

Le Creuset Toughened Nonstick PRO Crepe Pan with Rateau, 11"

This next option from Le Creuset is a crepe pan, which is very similar to a griddle in function. This Le Creuset pan features a triple-reinforced PFOA-free surface that is four times stronger than previous models.

It also has a textured interior to provide browning and searing, which will give any food you cook delicious flavor. The best part is that the textured interior will wipe clean easily, making cleaning a million times easier.

It also has a stay-cool grip handle to provide quick, comfortable movement when you’re cooking, enabling you to flip your food without having to worry about burning yourself or the food. Unlike many of the other options on this list, this Le Creuset crepe pan is compatible with all cooktops, so you can even use this on your regular stove if needed.

It is also oven safe up to 500 degrees, and it is oven safe with a tempered glass lid up to 425 degrees. In addition, it is dishwasher safe, and you can use metal utensils with the pan.


4. Nordic Ware Pancake Griddle with Two Burners 10230AMZ

Nordic Ware Two 10230AMZ 2 Burner Griddle 10-1/4-Inch by 17-1/2-Inch, Non-Stick

Here is a square griddle pan that is relatively large, enabling you to cook many different foods in the cooking area. It has a nonstick cooking surface to make cooking even easier- you won’t have to worry about any of your foods sticking to the pan surface, and you don’t even have to worry about using a lot of oil (only a dash at most).

The square griddle pan comprises heavy-weight rugged anodized aluminum, adding to its durability and overall function. You can use this for both indoor and outdoor cooking, which is a major plus since we all know that food tastes better when cooked outdoors.

You also can use this to cook a wide variety of pancake recipes, breakfast foods, and even barbecue; you don’t have to limit yourself to just one option. The best part is that this griddle pan is large, so you will have no trouble cooking for the whole family.

It can fit over two stove burners to provide more energy and heat distribution, and you can even use the griddle pan on a camp stove. The non-stick surface also offers easy clean-up when you’re done cooking.


5. Dash DMS001BK Mini Round Electric Griddle Machine

Dash DMS001BK Mini Round, Electric Griddle Machine for Individual Pancakes, Cookies, Eggs & other on the go Breakfast, Lunch, Snacks with Indicator Light, Black

Finally, if you’re someone who lives on your own or who is constantly on the go, you aren’t going to need a huge griddle pan. This next option can cook individual pancakes, eggs, and other foods, and since it’s electric, the job gets done very quickly.

You can choose between several different colors for that added touch of personalization. Of course, pancakes are some of the most popular food options that people cook with this griddle machine. However, you can also use it to make individual servings of eggs, cookies, grilled cheese sandwiches, stir fry, and so much more without the need for too many frying pans or other utensils.

You can even use this to cook for your kids because of the small portion sizes. If you want to use this in a smaller kitchen, apartment, college dorm, or camping, it’s perfect because of the compact size- the griddle only weighs 1 pound!

It’s quick and easy to use. All you have to do is plug it in, then wait for the indicator light to turn off. The griddle will then heat up in a matter of minutes, and the dual non-stick surfaces will help to provide consistent cooking.

In addition, the griddle comes with a recipe book to help give you some ideas when you’re stuck on those busy nights.


How to Cook Using a Pancake Griddle

If you still don’t know how to cook with a griddle, we’ll tell you how. It couldn’t be any easier. All you will need is your pancake griddle and a flat spatula to flip the pancakes. Then, turn on the skillet, set the temperature by turning the knob, and let your batter rest for a bit. Since these griddles heat up pretty fast, you won’t have to wait longer than three minutes.

If you’re using a non-stick skillet, you don’t need to use any oil on it. However, you may choose to add one or two tablespoons to the center of the cooking surface to get crispier pancake edges.

Afterwards, put as much batter as you want on the cooking surface. Wait for some minutes until you can see bubbles and holes appearing on the side of the pancake that’s turned up. When you see them, flip the pancake and wait a bit longer. And that’s it! Remove your pancake from the hot plate and enjoy it.

FAQ About Griddle Pan Cooking Surfaces

What are some essential things to know about cooking with a griddle pan?

The absolute most important thing we feel anyone should know about cooking with a tabletop griddle is heat control. You should never preheat it on high. Instead, you should always aim to preheat it on medium-low or medium to get the best results with your cooking.

The reason for this is that you can quickly burn the oil, pancake batter, or anything else you’re cooking with. Also, each cooking oil heats at a different temperature, so depending on your preference for cooking, that’s how high the heat should be with cooking.

Remember, you can heat that griddle pans to very high temperatures, and these temperatures tend to be hotter than most cooking oils can handle.

How should I clean my cast iron griddle?

Cast iron griddles are not meant to be scrubbed or put in the dishwasher. You should only hand wash it. After the cast iron cookware has cooled down a bit, start by using a stainless steel scraper to scrape off the food residue.

If you need to loosen any residue, you can add a dash of cooking oil or water. First, take a grill scrubber to clean the surface. Then, wipe the grease away with paper towels when the cast iron cookware has cooled down completely.

You should always store it in a dry location. Following these steps diligently will allow you to keep your cast iron cookware for a long time.

Can I use the griddle pan on a regular stovetop?

No. Most of the tabletop griddles included on this list are electric griddles, so you will use induction cooktops or simply the griddle surface itself. These will plug into any outlet, and you can get cooking right away.

Heat sources such as grills and gas stoves should not be used with the griddle pans. These are not your typical frying pans.

Do the cast iron griddles come pre-seasoned?

Yes! The vast majority of griddle pans manufactured today are pre-seasoned, but you still recommend that you season them for that added flavor, depending on what you’re making.

In addition to that, if the griddle pan is non-stick, you don’t even need to use oil; the nonstick surface coating will make sure that the food doesn’t stick, and most griddles also come with a drip tray to catch any of the extra grease or oil caused by cooking food. For pancakes, simply pour the pancake batter onto the cooking surface when it’s warm, and you’re ready to get cooking!

What can I cook on the electric griddles?

Although the griddles mentioned in this article were sought out especially for cooking pancakes, you have tons of cooking options to choose from with these. For example, you can use griddle pans for cooking cheese sandwiches, bacon, eggs, and other breakfast foods.

Many reviews especially state that breakfast foods taste the best on griddle pans. However, some people also like to make foods such as fajitas, burgers, and seafood. The bottom line is, your cooking options are endless, and you can come up with dozens of fantastic recipes on these stovetops.

What features should I look for in a griddle pan?

This is easily the most-asked question when it comes to any kitchen appliance. So here are some of the essential features for pancake griddle pans:

What features should I look for in a griddle pan?

This is easily the most-asked question when it comes to any kitchen appliance. Here are some of the most critical features for pancake griddle pans:


What do you want the griddle to be able to do? Although most of the griddles on this list were tailored explicitly to pancakes, you can also cook various other foods on them.

Do you want the grill to have reversing and dual plates? Ribbed and flat plates? Do you also want to be able to cook steaks, burgers, etc., on the griddle?


Before buying any griddle, be sure to check out the temperature settings. Each model requires preheating, but some come with temperature control options in increments or some other form of heat control. Check the preheat temperatures to get a better idea of what you can cook on the surface.

Easy to use

You always want to get kitchen appliances that are easy to use. That way, you won’t have to worry about putting yourself in danger each time you use it, especially since working with hot foods and oils.

For the most part, griddle pans are easy to clean, most only requiring that you scrape the food residue off and wipe them off with paper towels. Many models can be taken apart for easier cleaning, with handles that detach from the base.

Others have removable drip trays meant to catch all the oil from the bottom, and some more modern options are also dishwasher safe. Many are hand wash only, so be sure to check out the specific details for any choice you consider.


Any kitchen appliance should also come with a warranty in case something happens. For example, some griddles include a lifetime warranty, but the product should provide this information in detail.

In short, be sure to check out what the company provides you in terms of a warranty if something happens to the griddle pan or if it has any defects.

To keep it brief, it’s always a good idea to think about what you intend on using the product for, including what you plan to cook on the surface and if the features each option provides are suitable for you.

Which One Should I Choose?

We feel like pancake skillets are essential in the household of any pancake-loving family. Not only will it let you cook several pancakes simultaneously and serve your family at once, but it will also cook them perfectly. In addition, thanks to these pancake griddles, cleaning up your workbench will be easier, especially if they have a drip tray that slides out. In short, it cuts down on cooking time as well as cleaning time.

The griddle pancakes from heaven are, in our opinion, the ones made with the Black + Decker skillet. The non-stick griddle is easy to clean, prevents burning, and you can choose the healthier option of not using oil when making the pancakes. In addition, the heating plate is durable and won’t warp or bend over time.

It’s also large enough to prepare a breakfast of champions for a whole family! The best thing is that it comes with a built-in drawer where you can put already cooked food and reheat it until you’re ready to devour it. You couldn’t be getting a better pancake griddle at such an affordable price!

We have also reviewed Cuisinart sandwich griddlers for the perfect paninis.

Are you looking to cook up a storm? Read about the best ceramic cookware sets.

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