Different Types of House Designs

Kennith Bogan

There are many types of house designs that you can have. If you are wondering which are the best ones to go for, here is a guide.

Art Deco

It originated in France and appeared after the First World War. The design combines traditional craft motifs with machine age imagery and materials. The major characteristics of the design are: rich colors, lavish ornamentation, and bold geometric shapes.

There are many buildings around the world that still have the design. The most notable ones are: fox theatre, guardian building, and fisher building all of which are in America.


This is a popular style all over the world. While different people have different meanings of the design, the common features of the bungalow are verandas and low-rise. The design gained popularity after the First World War.

In North America and United Kingdom the bungalow is mainly used as a residential house and it’s usually detached and often has one story. In some cases you can find some that have a second story that has been built into a sloping roof.


The farmhouse is a design that is common in rural areas. Many of the farmhouses come with space for animals (housebarn). In some cases the farmhouses may be connected to one or more barns that have been built to form a courtyard.

There are many farmhouses that still survive today. For example, there is the Low German house that is found on the north German Plain. This is a large structure that comes with a sweeping roof that has been supported by two rows of internal posts.


This is a design where you have a large building that is self-sustaining. The word “mansion” is derived from the verb manere which means to dwell. The houses were originally constructed for priests.

Octagon House

This design was very popular in the 1850s and its use started in the United States and Canada. The design is characterized by an eight-sided plan that comes with a flat roof and a veranda all around. According to the architect who designed the house, the octagon house is easy to build and allowed more space. It also received more natural light and is easy to heat.


These are some of the most common types of designs that you can use. Regardless of the design that you go for ensure that it’s done by a professional architect.

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