Designing a Living Room to Live in

Kennith Bogan

Your lifestyle and entertainment style should be key factors to consider when choosing living room furnishings. This room will be shared by family and friends. It’s a room that you want to look attractive while maintaining a high level of comfort and functionality.

Focal Point

The entertainment center is often the focal point of a living room. If your family gathers in the living room for movie night or to watch marathons of a favorite television program, you’re going to want to include some comfortable seating to place in front of and around your entertainment center. In addition to its original purpose, an ottoman can serve as a table for a board game or as a place to put a snack tray. If a fireplace is the focal point of the room, a few comfortable chairs and an attractive accent table would look nice placed near the fireplace.

A Division of Space

If you have kids, it’s a wise design idea to create some separate spaces within the living room so that everyone can be together yet have a space conducive to their specific activity. A large rug in the corner of the living room can become a wonderful play space for young children. Teenagers might like an area of the room to have a comfortable, over-sized chair to lounge in. Adults might appreciate having a section of the room designed as a reading area. You can use furniture arrangement, rugs, bookcases or decorative room dividers to create a division of space in the living room.

Entertaining Space

As you browse through phoenix area furniture stores look for furnishings that can accommodate your family on a daily basis and the occasional gathering of friends you might have. A conversation area is beneficial in both situations. Arranging furniture in a circle encourages conversation and inclusiveness. The furniture should be arranged so that it doesn’t hinder movement through the room. It’s also good to have a variety of lighting options that will accommodate various activities and help create the atmosphere you desire.

The living room should be a room that kids, pets, family and friends feel comfortable spending time in. Many happy memories can be made when the family is gathered in the living room enjoying time together.

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