Choosing the Best Laser Measuring Tools

Kennith Bogan

Many people want to own the best laser measuring tools from the word go. Unfortunately, a good number don’t know what to look for.  In the following guide, we will show you the most important aspects:

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One of the most important things is accuracy. You don’t want something that tells you the distance measured is 20 feet yet in the real since its 19.9ft, 20.1ft or even 21feet. A good unit will be off by a very negligible margin. Something likes 1/16th of an inch. Most top choices come ready to use and don’t require any calibration. They will maintain their accuracy for a long time even after frequent use, bangs, falls and more.

Nevertheless, you need to handle it with care if it has to remain accurate and serve you for a long time. You should minimize banging, dropping it, sitting or pressing it too hard.


With a laser measuring tool, you get an LCD screen. It will indicate the measurements in imperial, metric or both. Switching from one mode to another is equally easy or will have the two measurements displayed. For instance, you will get inches as well as centimeters or meters.

It is vital for the numbers or digits to be very clear. They should be large and bold and the screen should be very clear. A good unit will have decent backlighting for better reading in the dark or poorly lit settings. Also, you should go for a unit with an anti-reflective screen. This minimizes glare and reflections when using it outdoors.


The best laser measuring tools come with a lot of flexibility. They display in different measurers, both imperial and metric, can be used to measure length and height, and are also useful indoors and outdoors. The range will also be long enough to cater to most everyday needs. With a single unit, it will take care of all your measuring needs.

 A reliable product that is ideal for indoor and outdoor application will be waterproof. It won’t be affected by sweat, moisture, spills, water or rain. It will also have a tough shell to handle the use, bangs, falls, vibrations, impact, and shock among other effects.


Carrying the measuring unit from in place to another should be easy. It will be small and compact for easy fitting in the hands, pocket, or small bag. The weight will also be light and you won’t feel weighed down by it. The design also plays a role in how carry-friendly it will be.  For instance, a bulky unit isn’t as friendly as a slim one. Also, the shorter the height the better it will be.

Nonetheless, you should ensure the portability doesn’t affect the readability of the LCD screen. Moreover, it also should not undermine the strength and usability of the unit. Plastic may be light but it’s not very strong.

Other vital considerations include the size of the unit, size of the display, battery life, weight, brand, and affordability. With proper guidance, finding the right product should not be difficult.

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