Cannabis Fogging Systems by Koolfog, Inc

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Koolfog’s Hashish Fogging Method at Classification 5 Farms in Sacramento, California substantially mitigates the effects of VPD (vapor stress deficit) to grow healthier vegetation and produce higher high-quality yields.

Cannabis Fogging SystemsChallenged with locating an adaptable environmental alternative to operate with California’s cultivation local weather for the duration of high temps, Class 5 Farms, Inc. reached out to Koolfog to add humidification to its hashish amenities situated in Sacramento, California. Confronted with a probable for high warmth tension, leaving cannabis plants as well dry to continue on nutritious expansion, Category 5 grower, Raphael Calderon uncovered that Koolfog’s automated, substantial-force fogging alternatives concentration on expanding humidification in indoor cultivation amenities.

Koolfog Hashish Fogging Procedure optimizes humidification degrees.

Humidification is as important as heating and cooling in an indoor cannabis micro-weather. Huge-scale nurseries use hashish fogging units to enhance plant development in greenhouse environments by atomizing liquids into micron-sized aerosol particles that are evenly dispersed to market healthy yields. According to Calderon, strong hashish yields count on environmental controls that equilibrium considerably-necessary humidity with temperature spikes that can critically impact plant expansion. Humidity manage performs a crucial component in running VPD (vapor pressure deficit). VPD is the strategy that steps the variance in stress among the humidity inside of and outdoors of a leaf. In the early phases of the hashish plant life cycle, sustaining humidification stress is just one of the most essential issues to obtain good VPD. Excellent humidification ranges allow for crops to open up their stomata extra absolutely, respire a lot more carbon dioxide, increase flower advancement, and raise yield prospective.

Cannabis Fogging System Types Scale to Diverse Facility Requirements

Not all indoor cultivating environments are alike. There are a lot of elements to acquire into account which includes the measurement, height and use of each and every grow room as nicely as the configuration of lighting methods. Koolfog worked with Category 5 Farms to combine the facility system controls as perfectly as configure the the best possible distances and angling in between spray nozzle so that the fog would distribute evenly throughout the grow rooms.

Cannabis fogging methods can be created for monitor houses, shade residences, greenhouses, single compartment cannabis rising spaces, or indoor operations with several zones. Koolfog integrates seamlessly with common cannabis facility regulate methods that permit growers figure out the very best hashish humidification levels for all stages of progress. Hashish fogging techniques produce fog at regular strain ranges, pulse output, or output utilizing variable pressures and staging, to offer for complete management of hashish microclimates.

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