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A home that reinterprets what simple living means, and houses things that fulfil a purpose, that is exactly what Samsara, the residence of artisanal apparel brand Vraj:bhoomi’s owners, Bhoomi Dani and Priyam Shah, is all about. Anyone familiar with their brand will know the home is actually a reflection of their products, or vice versa. The indigos, blues and whites are all there, only the other signature shade, maroon, is missing.

Clean, cool and clutter-free, this space is a conscious attempt at being a collective roof under which art, textiles, culture and modern ideas co-exist, while well-crafted wood furniture, accessories and furnishings are made by hand from natural materials by local artisans. Outfitted in soft hues of natural white and indigo, the house situated on the outskirts of Ahmedabad, celebrates raw beauty, is brimming with reclaimed wooden furniture in lime wash finish and handblock printed textiles to establish the design language of the home. On some walls. striking Lippan Kaam (traditional mural craft of Kutch done with white clay and papier mache) heightens the look of the space and keeps the interiors cool.

Vraj:bhoomi’s emphasis has always been on working with regional artisans, and Samsara is completely in sync with Dani and Shah’s ethos and design philosophy of contemporary revival and a deep love for textiles and crafts. The couple point out how the corner with a custom-made bench with signature prints mounted on the walls is the most peaceful space. Then, there is a section inspired by Sadhguru. “We wanted to capture the aura Sadhguru reflects in our home and lives, which manifests through the presence of truth, faith and simplicity,” they say.

The nest, which is two years old now, has been accessorised and accented with souvenirs from the couple’s travels, dried pampas grass, unique handblock printed wall mounts and lots of plants. All of these elements harmoniously come together to imbue the space with an understated elegance.

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