Air cooler- Tips to look for the best option

Kennith Bogan

The upper and the medium middle-class families in the Indian society has in the past few years transitioned from using the big bulky air cooler to the sleek modern air conditioner. Our transition from the cooler to this cooling gadget with the latest technology has been quite fast but that in no way demeans the former appliance that was, at one point in time, our constant source of comfort during the summer months.

The above statements do not indicate in any way that the air cooler is out of the market. It is very much in and in fact it is slowly gaining a good foothold in the residential cooling appliance industry estimated to be growing at a rate of 15-20% because of the low cooler price and its effectiveness in hot and dry areas.

One of the best air coolers in India was launched about a year back with features like:

  1. Wall mounted air cooler for domestic use and similar to the split AC unit thereby saving space off the floor and at the windows
  2. At one of the most affordable cooler
  3. Consumes about 10 times lower electricity than the split unit ac and runs at 250 watts per hour
  4. Has an in-built water tank of 15 liters capacity and is refilled by automatic water fill technology
  5. Suitable for a room size of 100 square feet.
  6. Operates like a normal air cooler with windows open
  7. Easy installation and fitting on the wall

This model has the best features of both the ordinary room cooler or the desert cooler and the air conditioner.

When planning to buy one of the latest model of air cooler, remember to conduct a search online. The search engines provide with some valuable links to blogs, technical write-ups and e-commerce platforms that are good for checking out model features, suggestions and recommendations of top models and brands by experts and of course an insight into the competitive pricing amongst brands. Internet is the store house of information and if properly used one can derive great benefits from this know-how. Check up for the detailed descriptions against each shortlisted air cooler to have a greater understanding of the functionalities.

When a new air cooler arrives the first thing to do is read the user manual carefully. Though hardly required, if need be, fix up a convenient time with one of the company service engineers to come across to your place and demonstrate the functions and inform about all the features of the product.
The next important step is to connect the cooler to the electrical socket and without attaching the cooling pads, run the fan of the air cooler without water for sometime just to dry the interiors of the cooler as well as check the electrical fittings. Buying online has one big advantage – you can return the product if you have any doubts regarding its performance or features, of course within a specified period of time. There is the option of refund from the online portal against the return or one can buy another product in the same price bandwidth.

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