5 Ideas on How to Use the Amazing RB73 Outdoor Fires

Kennith Bogan

There are so many options when it comes to decorating your yard, deck, terrace, or whatever you call the outdoor area next to your house. The options are endless, and only your imagination can stop you from doing something amazing, or it can lift you up to create an extraordinary place.

One of the things that some people simply adore is the outdoor fireplace. Lots of different designs are available, and you can come up with your own if you have the knowledge for it. Still, be sure that you have the safety procedures on point, as you don’t want to torch the place down.

The fireplace called RB73 is a simple, yet highly effective item for your outdoor location that needs to be filled with something new. This item is available online, and you can check out more details about it on https://shop.yorkshirefire.com/, so if you like what you see, you can order right away.

In this article, we’re sharing some ideas about what you can do with it and how useful can it be for you. Follow up if you want to know more details about this fireplace, and how you can use it during the day, no matter what season it is. It can be cold or hot, you can still find use of it. Go on and see more about it.

1. Use it to warm up in winter

When you think about a fire, the first thing that comes to mind is snow, winter coldness, and the good feeling when you have a fireplace next to your hands. Just stretch your hands toward the glass and start to feel the warmness of the fire.

In other words, use this when it’s winter and you like to spend time outside. Let’s say that you have it placed on your deck or porch, and there’s fine snow falling down from the sky. You have your head covered, but it’s still cold, so the fireplace will keep you warm.

There’s nothing better than feeling the coziness of the heat coming out of the fireplace while there’s snowing outside. You can put on a blanket and some thick socks to keep you comfortable and enjoy drinking a hot latte or tea.

2. As a decoration in your backyard

A decorating in the backyard is a must if you want to enjoy yourself any time you walk outside of your house. Everyone that owns one knows how enjoyable it is to spend time at your home cleaning or working, and then go outside and see the perfection you arranged.

For this purpose, you need to have something no one else does. You need to create your piece of heaven by setting up some of the most joyful and interesting items you can think of. The fire we’re talking about is just one of them. See some other decoration ideas here.

This one in particular is made to look cool. The wood chunks are placed underneath the fire and the fire itself is placed inside a glass frame which helps you see how it burns. There’s something about fires burning and us enjoying the sight. Now you can sit in a comfortable chair and enjoy watching it burn, completely relaxed.

3. For lighting purposes

It may not be ordinary, but why not use it for lighting purposes too? Instead of placing expensive light bulbs in the garden, you can place this item and have the place light in the old-fashioned, or better said, the ordinary way that people used for centuries.

It will not waste any electricity, and it will do a much better job than any light bulb you can think of. Of course, if we’re talking about the yard or the garden, this is going to be just enough. If you want to achieve something else, like lighting for a party or a different kind of event, then you might think about other solutions.

4. Use it as campfire

When you’re thinking about taking your kids to the mountains, or you’re planning to go camping, then you don’t have to go far away, but you can do it right at home in your backyard. Set up the campfire right on the grass. Place the tents and act like you’re in the mountains.

Let’s say that you had everything settled and organized, but the weather changed suddenly and you need to cancel the trip. Your kids are devastated, but you don’t have to make it a call just yet. You have the fireplace, which is an essential part of the camping.

Gather the kids around it, take out your marshmallows or the potatoes that need to be baked, and start telling stories. You can get the guitar too and sing camp songs. It’s much easier to do it home, instead of dragging the guitar with you for hundreds of miles. 

5. Use it to keep your coffee warm

When you enjoy yourself in the backyard and it’s chilly, but you don’t want to miss your coffee routine, then you’ll do whatever it takes to make it happen. Do it with joy by firing it up and using it as a coffee stand. It will be hot enough to keep your coffee warm, and still suitable enough not to get burned.

Having your favorite chair and your official winter outside blanket can make a true difference and enjoyment. This way the fireplace becomes more than just an item producing fire, but it is part of the decorative furniture and the items helping you enjoy yourself.


These few ideas may be highly helpful if you’re hesitating whether to get this or not. Be sure that you’re not going to make mistake if purchase this stove.

It will bring a lot of pleasure, it will make your backyard wonderful looking, and you’ll have so many options to do with it. The kids will love it too, and you’ll enjoy it during those winter days.

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