3 Tips for Home Remodel Survival

Kennith Bogan

Remodeling your home is a high-stress undertaking with thousands of small worries and considerations taking up your time mental space. Plus your daily routine is disrupted by dust, noise and folks coming in and out of the worksite (which is to say your family’s home). These three tips will keep you stress-free while you put the finishing touches on your dream home.

Take a Break

If life during the remodel just gets too hectic, the simplest (and possibly most beneficial) thing you can do is take yourself out of the situation for a few days. When it all gets to be too much, then you’ve just found the perfect opportunity to take an impromptu vacation! It’s important to make this a relaxing experience, so don’t get caught up in complicated plans. If a little time on the seashore is what will restore your spirits, just search for North Carolina beach houses for rent, hop in the car and go. Keep it simple and keep it calm!

Create a Quiet Space

With all the hustle and bustle of work, family life and now the many responsibilities of organizing a home remodel, it’s important to establish some time for peace and quiet. Whether it’s curled up in bed with your favorite book, out enjoying a coffee and a pastry at a cozy cafe or attending a relaxing yoga class, taking the time to rest your mind and replenish your spirits will help you stay focused and less frazzled in the hours when you are surrounded by the chaos.

Keep a Sense of Humor

Never let your remodel get so stressful that you can’t laugh a little about the temporary chaos in your life. If you need a boost in the humor department, go to the movies, go see a play or call up some old friends who are always good for a laugh! Laughter is the best medicine, so give yourself a hearty dose.

It’s easy to put yourself as the lowest priority when things are so busy, but remember that your peace of mind is worth the investment.

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