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It’s no secret that the mobile wave has taken off and it’s not stopping anytime soon. Mobile devices make everything easier for users. Plus, apps are developed every day that allow users to do anything and everything under the sun from their mobile devices. However, what does this mean for businesses? What do they need to do to maintain their customer base and gain new customers? These are the questions that savvy business owners should be asking themselves. The argument for developing a mobile-friendly site is compelling. In fact, there are three big reasons why your business site should be mobile friendly.

The Convenience Factor
It’s no secret that almost everything has become easier to do in life. We have remote controls for our Tv’s, eliminating the need to get up and turn the channel. We have microwaves that take the wait out of warming up food. Almost everything in life is designed for ease and convenience. As a result, users are moved by convenience the convenience factor and the mobile device revolution is evidence of this. Mobile devices make many things extremely convenient. We can do everything from paying bills to confirming doctors appointments on a mobile device. This is why the smart business owner needs to make sure that his or her device is mobile friendly.

Google Favors Mobile-Friendly Sites
Google continues to update its algorithm to conform to the changing times. This has happened with the mobile device explosion. mobile devices are used a lot just like the PC is. As a result, Google favors websites that are mobile friendly. This means that mobile-friendly sites will rank higher in search results. Google recognized that mobile devices are used heavily and now gives preference to sites that have a mobile presence as well. Any small business it support manhattan ny that doesn’t want to lose their customer base or visibility, should be mobile friendly.

Inconvenience is not Convenient
You run the risk of losing your existing customers by not being mobile friendly. Your customers want to know that they have access to your site regardless of what device they have in their hands. convenience is a huge selling point. Make sure your website is accessible across a wide variety of devices. This is convenience. If you inconvenience your customer they may not want to remain a customer.

Become mobile friendly if you aren’t. This is a good a way to stay current, provide excellent service for your customers, and retain and grow your customer base. A mobile-friendly website is one that values customer convenience, retains and grows its customer base, and will rank in mobile search results.

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